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"The introduced single strongest social measure in the recent history of Bulgaria - zero VAT for bread, will continue this year as well. This lowered bread prices between 17-20%"

Mariyana Kukusheva, chairperson of the National Trade Union of Bakers and Confectioners, told this to BNR.

And he specified that the bread market is calm and the price has not changed, referring to the large retail chains that hold 85% of the market. 

"We do not expect an increase in the price of bread. There is no 20% on the delivery price and secondly – ​​the price of the raw material is calm". 

In the "12+3" show, Kukusheva emphasized that no more than 2-3% of bread producers continue to work on gas.

They wait for their assembly lines to be adjusted to the new objective conditions. 

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