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[Reporter Xu Guozhen/Taichung Report] A man surnamed Yang met a 13-year-old junior high school girl through a mobile game the year before last, and was suspected of using virtual treasures in the mobile game to lure him into exchanging nude photos. The parents found out and filed a complaint, and Yang Nan was sued for this. He was sentenced to 4 years and 4 months in prison for violating the Child and Juvenile Sexual Exploitation Prevention Act in the first trial, and the sentence was changed to 2 years and 6 months in the second trial.


The judgment pointed out that in July of the previous year, a man surnamed Yang in New Taipei City met the girl in Taichung City through the mobile game "Extreme Speed ​​Field". If he takes a self-portrait bare-chested photo and passes it to him, he will give him props and clothes worth about 1,500 to 2,000 yuan according to the agreement, so as to get 4 bare-chested photos of the girl.

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Next, from August to September of the same year, Mr. Yang repeated the old trick, asking the girl to take photos of her naked lower body and buttocks in addition to photos of her bare breasts. The girl sent 4 and 2 photos to Yang respectively. Later, the girl’s father had no intention It was discovered that her daughter had sent nude photos to Yang Nan, and she was so angry that she reported to the police. The police arrested Yang Nan to the case online and confiscated a mobile phone as evidence. The nude photos are divided into 3 crimes and sentenced to 4 years and 4 months in prison.

During the second trial of the appeal of the whole case, Yang Nan did not reach a settlement with his family members, but the judge did not resort to violence or coercion, but used seduction, and there was only one victim. Evidence such as outflow and dissemination will be considered according to the circumstances of the crime. If there is a situation of "lighten the situation and weigh the law", the sentence will be reduced according to the law, and the sentence will be 2 years and 6 months. Appeal is possible.