An incident similar to the "cotton" incident in Makiivka recently occurred in the occupied village of Chervonopivka, Severodonetsk district, Luhansk region.

This was admitted by the Russian propagandist Anastasia Kashevarova, whose publications sometimes criticize the military and political leadership of the Russian Federation.

According to her, Makiivka is not the first case.

"Khervonopovka is a similar situation. ... If we exclude the case that "swept and lucked out" - (the occupiers - Ed.) die from artillery fire due to their own stupidity, but mostly due to the negligence and stupidity of the higher command," she noted.

Kashevarova published a letter to her subscriber, who asks why "they write about Makiivka, but there was no information about Chervonopivka, and many mobilized people died there too."

Journalist Denys Kazansky drew attention to the fact that the number 200 appears on the screen where Kashevarova drew the number of those killed in Chervonopivka.

"About 200 people died in Chervonopivka, Luhansk region. At first, Russian propagandists hid this story, but today they also leaked these numbers on crooked screens," Kazansky noted.

In addition, propagandists reported about the same "cotton" in Svatovo, which Ukrainian blogger Roman Shryk drew attention to.

Loud "cotton" in occupied Makiivka

We will remind you that on New Year's Eve, exactly at midnight, 

the building of the former vocational school in occupied Makiivka,

 in which mobilized soldiers of the Russian army were stationed, was destroyed.

It is known that up to 600 mobs could be in the room.

Officially, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation recognized the death of 63 mobilized soldiers in Makiivka.

However, even the Russian propagandists themselves admit that the number of dead is much higher. 

Rospropaganda found the reason for the destruction of the barracks, saying that a large gathering of Russian soldiers in the premises of the destroyed vocational training center allegedly showed active use of mobile phones.

Defense Express military expert Ivan Kyrychevsky said that the "elite" of the mobilized reserve of the Russian army died in Makiivka.

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