The prosecution believed that the three students' postings and comments did not cause damage to the professor's reputation, so they did not prosecute.

(Photo by reporter Huang Liangjie)

[Reporter Huang Liangjie/Kaohsiung Report] A female college student in Kaohsiung posted a post on "Dcard" under the title "Sexual Harassment by Teacher", describing how to relieve her feelings after being harassed, and reminding other girls to take precautions. Two students in the same class After seeing the article, leave a message, and directly name the name of the professor in the department and the department he works in. The professor angrily sued the female college student and three others for defaming the reputation. The prosecution believes that the three students’ posting and leaving messages did not cause damage to the professor’s reputation, so they will not prosecute , the professor refused to accept the appeal and asked for further discussion, but was rejected by the Kaohsiung High Score Prosecutor.

Unwilling to sue the three students for defamation, the professor filed a civil claim for a total of 600,000 yuan in mental damages. After the Kaohsiung District Court heard the case, the professor was sentenced to lose the lawsuit. He said that the school’s investigation found that the professor’s teaching methods made the students unhappy , the defendant did not infringe, and the three were sentenced to deductible compensation.

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The verdict pointed out that the defendant woman was born at the end of February the year before last, and she believed that she had been sexually harassed by a professor and notified the school. She saw that the appeal was silent, and she posted a document on the Dcard platform in the name of "being sexually harassed by a teacher" the next month, asking if she had been sexually harassed by a teacher at school like her. She said that she was deeply disturbed by her classmate, and she worried about meeting that disgusting male teacher every day when she went to school, and complained that it was useless to complain to the school, and reminded all girls to pay more attention.

After seeing a post by a female college student, a classmate left a message below, "Is your surname O?", "Is it OOO from a certain department?" Because the professor directly named the name of the department and the department he worked in, the professor found out about this post. The female college student and 2 classmates who left comments sued for defamation. The prosecution believed that the content of the 3 students’ posts and comments could be judged by the public, and did not cause damage to the professor’s reputation. They were not prosecuted. Denied OK.

The judge's investigation found that two of the students sued by the professor had complained to the school that they were sexually harassed by the professor. Although the Society for Sex Equality confirmed that it did not constitute sexual harassment, it believed that the teaching method might make some students feel uncomfortable. Regarding the adjustment of teaching methods, besides, female college students sent emails to the school to express their dissatisfaction with the reply from the Academic Affairs Office.

Because the professor has indeed been accused of sexual harassment by female students, he already meets the requirements of being "unpopular" or "resulting in considerable negative impact". For students to post and leave comments on Dcard based on their own experience, it is highly public welfare and urgent , even if it is not necessarily the same as the school's determination, it is an illegal act of obstruction, and the three college students are sentenced to deductible compensation, and the whole case can be appealed.