Changhua County’s New Year’s Day flag raising was first moved to the town of Lukang, kicked off by the world’s fastest ultralight aircraft “Shark Racer”.

(Photo by reporter Liu Xiaoxin)

[Reporter Liu Xiaoxin/Changhua Report] Changhua County’s New Year’s Day flag-raising this year is very different. It debuted in the town of Lukang for the first time, kicked off by the world’s fastest ultralight aircraft “Shark Racer”; , During the Spring Festival, the "Flowers in Changhua" event, there is still a chance to see it in Xizhou Park!

This year, Changhua County’s New Year’s Day flag raising was held at Luojin Elementary School in Lukang Township. This is also Wang Huimei’s alma mater. Although it was raining early in the morning, the focus of the audience was on the “Shark Racer”. Flying over the ceremony venue to kick off the flag-raising ceremony, the spirit of the 2,000 participating people came!

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Wang Huimei said that everyone came to participate in the flag-raising ceremony on the first morning of the new year, which is "a good start is half the battle." I just saw a "shark racing plane" flying over the venue. If you enjoy it, the public is welcome to participate in the "Flowers in Changhua" event from the first day to the fifteenth day of the Lunar New Year. There will be 8 more sessions, so you can see it at a closer distance.

Wang Huimei emphasized that although it was raining this morning, rain is wealth. I hope that everyone’s wishes will come true in the new year. This year’s flag-raising activity is combined with hiking. Visit Longshan Temple and other temples to pray for the prosperity of the country and the prosperity of the country this year.

Wang Huimei pointed out that she will work with the county government team to promote the five major governance visions. In terms of MRT, in addition to the extension of the Taichung Green Line to Changhua City, the Lukang MRT will also be accelerated. The Hemei MRT is also under planning, hoping to drive industrial development. .

Finally, Wang Huimei emphasized that this year marks the 300th anniversary of the founding of Changhua County, and the "Jade Jade Cabbage" from the Forbidden City also came to the County Art Museum for the first time.

Changhua County Mayor Wang Huimei followed the crowd to participate in the hike after raising the flag.

(Photo by reporter Liu Xiaoxin)

Changhua County’s New Year’s Day flag-raising was held for the first time in the small town of Lukang. The place where the flag was raised was Luojin Elementary School, which is also the alma mater of the county magistrate Wang Huimei.

(Photo by reporter Liu Xiaoxin)