January 1, the beginning of the era

Start the first day of the calendar

It is considered the first day of the beginning of Thai people and around the world in life and various activities.

"Thai Rath Political News Team" therefore asks for the opportunity to look forward to the start of the new year 2023.

assess the trend

Assess the political situation in Thailand that will be in 365 days from now.

The year in the Thai zodiac corresponds to the year of the "Raw". You have to wait and see whether the rabbit will jump forward or crouch in place.

Under the problem of a situation where the problem like the epidemic "COVID-19" is still stagnant, the number of outbreaks still bounces back and forth.

Not just Thailand but also spread around the world.

Make unlocking back to normal

can't fully

But because the economy is more important than the stomach crisis

People do not have time to fear death from the epidemic. Many nations, including Thailand, need to relax tight control measures.

Open the city to drive the economy.

especially in tourism, which is the main source of income

Must risk people living with a deadly virus.

In a state of great crisis, COVID drags Thailand's economy down to the bottom of the abyss.

Doesn't seem to recover anytime soon.

Little to mention the expectations under the current administration led by professional soldiers like "Big Tu" Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense.

will create a miracle

Make the stomach crisis disappear

So that is directly proportional to the pressure.

Most social trends focus on the big elections.

want to make changes in management

In addition, the House of Representatives is almost completing a 4-year term in March 2023.

The government counts down, picking up the goodbye scene

And by the prelude to the election atmosphere that has been stirred up since the end of last year, with many MPs resigning from the positions of MPs

to move the camp

change affiliation

As we have received "Banana deposit" for many years

cause problems in the performance of the legislative branch

The council collapsed repeatedly.

from the inability of the government to effectively control the majority

Game play is not counted.

Cross-legged kicking between political parties

The government is trying to lure it with the opposition.

The ruling coalition breaks with the ruling coalition together.

hoping to reach the next election campaign

The lack of numbers causes the consideration of the law to be interrupted. MPs take leave, skip meetings, settle down in the campaign area.

The council barely left the atmosphere in the meeting.

and the trend since the beginning of this year should have

MPs gradually resign

As the days go by, the council becomes more and more lonely.

According to the condition, it will put pressure on the Prime Minister.

Can't escape the social trend urging

Gen. Prayuth dissolved the parliament to start again.

It's better than Tuxi dragging away.

That's not as important as

The more you hold on to the rhythm of the defiant booing sound

It will make the leader's popularity rating shrink.

Time conditions, conditions, situations squeeze "Big Tu", pushing forward every moment.

The election must take place at the latest from April to May 2023.

in the rhythm of the old military leader

have to think hard about

"Betting on dragging the power" on the path in the middle

There is only 2 more years left to sit on the Prime Minister's chair until 2025 if he becomes Prime Minister for the third time.

can't go to the end

The blueprint that had been placed since the draft of the constitution "Sapae Meechai Ruchuphan" was all stumbled.

The game pressures the leader to decide to risk steering the political party.

Which camp fort in the name of the parade

General Prayut

in the Prime Minister's Candidate Account

The world situation is wide, but the path is getting narrower.

and should have locked the door

For the route back to the Pracharat Palang Camp, according to the symptoms that "Big Brother" like "Big Pom", Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister, head of the NACC camp, played the role of the canal clerk.

Confirmed that "Big Tu" has already passed, never even been a member of the Pracharat Palang Party

“Big Brother” kicked the block, cut off the tail, released “Little Brother” indifferently, and it couldn't have been any other way.

When the conditions forced "Big Tu" to pin with the Thai Sang Nation Camp

team service required

"Total Thai Sang Tu" in carrying cable parades, the third round of the Prime Minister's chair

According to the official announcement, ready to become a member of the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party

Seizing the Prime Minister's candidate, the only RTP party

Chasing after the appointment of "Sia Tui" Mr. Peeraphan Salirathaviphak, leader of the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party

Sitting in the position of secretary-general to the Prime Minister, taking on the role of "Little Prime Minister"

Granting a sword of criminal power to have the power to oversee and coordinate government officials

has the power to punish you

Politically it is

Clearly contributing to the Thai Union Camp to build a nation

in being a volunteer parade team

General Prayut in the next round of elections

"Little Sister" and "Big Brother" have parted ways that have been walking together for almost 40-50 years.

To the point where "Big Fort – Big Tu" have to compete to create different stars.

And as a result of the phenomenon of the 2nd grade old soldiers split up, the certainty of the blueprint of long-lasting power must be distorted.

from the original saying

Gen. Prayut "Teng Ham" does not need a brass band to lead.

It turns out that there is no more guarantee of certainty.

to the point of "unlocking" the power of the 3-year-old soldier who has spread his influence for more than 8 years

The game "polar lock" relaxes, everyone has a chance to win the prime minister's chair.

Minister together.

According to the trend that many polls reflect, the numbers from Gen. Prayut, who has been on the number one podium for the past 2-3 years, have to drop to 3rd and 4th place.

Popularity is second only to the new generation, like "Ung Ing" Pae Thongtarn Shinawatra, the head of the Pheu Thai family, and "Young Tim" Pita Limcharoenrat.

far-reaching party leader

Abandoned by the new generation of youngsters

This is just an external situation where you have to fight with opposite opponents.

Why must we crush each other with the same power?

that each had a chance to compete

According to the conditions that "Big Tu" can't go on until the end of the way

Stuck in a clutter, difficult to walk

Especially the very pronounced expression of "Big Fort" that has "inspired hearts".

From walking limp back, legs stiff and energetic from the touch

"Number one power" in the period of acting as Prime Minister instead of "Big Tu" who was ordered by the Constitutional Court to stop performing duties

"Big Brother" shows that

Fully ready to be a full leader

Even in both recessions

The current of 2 year old soldiers is in a downward spiral.

The Pracharat Power Party gu will not return.

The Thai Union Camp to Build a Nation Can't Win

But in the situation of "Kao Card" on many pages compared to "Big Tu", with political status it is considered "Big Fort"

There are many chances to win more than "Nong Lek"

According to the situation

"Big Brother" locks the civil state power base, plus "Senator Drag Set" that counts the head and divides it into a straight line "Big Brother", more than 150 votes, as for "Big Tu", there are only 100 votes.

"Big Pom" rides "little brother" like General Prayut, both the numbers of MPs and senators dragging and holding the "handicap" in the power.

On the opposite side, especially Khumkhai "Thaksin Shinawatra"

That's not counting the bizarre formula.

Opportunity to set up a Hua government, cross-polar, cross-camp deal between Palang Pracharat Party, tag team with Pheu Thai Party by pushing Gen. Prawit to become Prime Minister

Mandatory fight of Dubai Mallor Win a ticket Must apply for a visa to pass the security checkpoint

Return home coolly.

According to the face of the card, "Big Brother" has a chance to win many options.

And who inserted the queue to win the flag as well, with the list of "Sia Noo", Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health, head of Bhumjaithai Camp

that has been sent from

“Principal” Newin Chidchob

I order you to be the 30th Prime Minister of Thailand.

with high gravity

"Divo power, ghost milling powder" brand Sor Kraww operation to forcibly cobra, pulling former MPs from other political parties into the affiliation for almost half a hundred.

Flex your muscles, inflate your wind, kick yourself up to be the number one camp instead of the Pracharat power.

Packing bananas into a warehouse

power auction competition

Cut the face of a 2 year old soldier.

2:00 p.m. Release power, time is over.

Ready to betray the square

for his own greatness

"Big Fort – Sia Noo" is a person in the same polar network who tandem comes up and breathes down the neck "Big Tu"

And it's not impossible.

or break any rules

If there will be a power polarity reversal

Possible land slide

The Pheu Thai Party won the election by a landslide.

and went to touch hands with the Kao Far Party that was equally strong, pushing for more than 375 votes for MPs, breaking the checkpoint, 250 senators dragged to set up

With the power of the voice of most people wanting to clear the network of 3 year old soldiers

If it was 2-3 years ago

"Dangerous Formula" may encounter a dead end, but at present, the day that the 2-year-old soldier broke his neck, the power blueprint that "hidden tricks" was shaken.

Thai political power game

Walked to the point where "Big Tu" didn't have a helper to guarantee the path to continue.

The year 2023 is truly the year of unlocking the power of the 3 Por.

"Political Team"