Chinese netizens joked that 7-11 in Manhattan is a virus laboratory, but it was taken seriously by Little Pink, making other netizens laugh and go crazy.

(Photo taken from Weibo)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Chinese netizens uploaded a screenshot of Google Maps to Weibo a few days ago, saying that Manhattan 7-ELEVEN marked on the map is the "P4 virus laboratory" of the epidemic. "I hope that the United States will stop doing things that harm China's national interests." Another netizen believed it to be true, "I didn't expect the Americans to be so blatant", making other netizens dumbfounded and laughing.

Chinese Weibo netizen "Zhang Pihua" posted an article on December 29, 2022 with photos, claiming that there are so many P4 virus laboratories in such a small place like Manhattan.

He also said, "I am a little hesitant to release the internal pictures", because all the content in it is a dimensionality reduction blow to Chinese netizens, which means that it will lower the level of Chinese netizens.

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After the article was published, many outraged netizens replied, "How dare you say it wasn't poisoned by the United States?", "I didn't expect the Americans to be so blatant," and "Seeing that the blogger's IP is from the United States, it should be true news."

Netizens who could see that this was mocking China's little pinks laughed back, "Your picture has been taken and used, and the fishing was successful", and some people responded bitterly, "Isn't this the P7 laboratory?"

In addition, some netizens scolded "Happy New Year to all American diplomats, and do not do things that harm China's national interests in the coming year", which made other netizens laugh and reply "Are you here for real or just acting", " The first smile of the new year, what did 7-11 damage?"

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