Military expert Oleg Zhdanov believes that Putin is preparing the Russian Federation for a large-scale war - to the last Russian.

Partial mobilization will be complete, and men will not be released abroad.

This was discussed while commenting on the operational situation and the massive strikes on Ukraine around the New Year.

First of all, the expert analyzed the New Year's address of the head of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin.

"I talked to professional editors who have been working for many years on television, they all say unequivocally that the picture of war and Putin are two different plots. The image of Putin was superimposed on the picture of the military who were just standing. Then they cut out the best piece and put Putin on top recorded his address in front of the background screen, not even under the Christmas tree on the territory of the Kremlin," Zhdanov said.

On this New Year's Eve, Red Square was surrounded by special forces of the FSB, because Russians understand the threat of cotton in any city of the Russian Federation.

Zhdanov also touched on the topic of mobilization in Russia.

"Putin is acting illogically: he announced a partial mobilization, although many thought that he was unlikely to go for it. In reality, the partial mobilization has been in full swing since April. And the full mobilization has been going on since September. They continue to collect the personnel of the mobilized. And officially they say , that the second wave of mobilization will be announced on January 5-10. For this, I think, they will close the borders. Whether they will introduce martial law or not, judging by the speech, they can introduce it," the expert noted.

According to him, Putin is preparing Russia for a full-scale war, to the last Russian.

"He pumped them up with the fact that supposedly the whole world is against them, that they are fighting with NATO, although there is not a single NATO soldier on the territory of Ukraine, allegedly for the sovereignty and independence of Russia. From whom? Show me the one who took even one from Russia centimeter of their land," added Zhdanov.

According to Zhdanov, all these narratives, as well as mobilization in the Russian Federation, will affect the front in Ukraine.

"It will be more difficult for us to grind the military machine. Here we hope for our partners," the expert added.

In the meantime, the head of the GUR of the Ministry of Defense, Kyrylo Budanov, also noted that, despite the statement of the Russian Defense Minister Serhiy Shoigu, the Russian Federation is preparing a new wave of mobilization.

It can be started as early as January 5.

On the eve of the New Year, the occupiers launched an agitation campaign in the temporarily occupied Crimea regarding enlistment in military service under a contract.

At the same time, Russian mass media were prohibited from distributing any statements about mobilization in Russia.

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