In Kyiv and the region, explosions are heard again during the long-term air alert.

Air defense forces work in the sky. 

This was reported in the KMVA. 

"Air defense is working in Kyiv and the region! Stay in shelters," the local authorities emphasize. 

The KMVA also emphasizes that enemy reconnaissance UAVs are operating in Kyiv's airspace. 

It is noted that new explosions began to be reported on the Internet during the third wave of missile attacks.

The alarm continues in the capital and the region from 12:49 p.m. 

New Year's attack on Kyiv

We will remind you that almost immediately after the announcement of the "alert" the explosions were reported on the network.

The mayor confirmed them.

The OVA confirmed 

the work of air defense in the region.

It became known that 

explosions were heard in several districts of the city


In particular, in Solomyansk, Pechersk and Holosiivsk. 

At least 

one person died in the Solomyan district.

 13 victims have already been hospitalized in the capital's medical facilities.