"You know, once a resident of a small town called me and told me his story.

He began with her words - "I'm a small person, I can't do much."

His words touched me deeply, because it is very similar to how Belarusians see themselves.

But do you know what this man's story was about?

He alone was able to stop a whole train with military equipment, which was supposed to go to war.

Just imagine: a small man who stopped a big train.

To be honest, I also think I'm a small person.

But I remember the man who stopped the train, and I think that you and I should all stop thinking of ourselves as little people.

We are going through such a difficult path - and no one has the right to underestimate it.

We are not small people at all.

If we believe in each other and in ourselves, we are a nation.

Nation of Skin and Chagall.

Kupala and Kalinowski.

A nation of Olympic champions and Nobel laureates.

A nation of talented musicians and scientists.

Honest workers and kind owners.

We are a nation that always chooses to remain human.

And no one will force us to forget who we are

. "

Full text of the appeal.