Chairman of the Kuomintang, Zhu Lilun, and candidate for the by-election of the legislator of the Kuomintang's third constituency in Taipei City, Wang Hongwei, were interviewed.

(Provided by Wang Hongwei's office)

[Reporter Cai Yahua/Taipei Report] KMT chairman Zhu Lilun appointed Li Jinying, who had been expelled from the party for violating discipline and running for the legislature, as the chairman of the Hsinchu City Party Committee, but the party questioned Li Jinying's loyalty. It was also the "Guo Jiajun", and the outside world interpreted and speculated that this move was "pull Guo Dahou".

Zhu Lilun was interviewed this afternoon and expressed that he should give young people a chance to make good use of their merits and let the younger generation make good use of it.

In the afternoon, Zhu Lilun accompanied Wang Hongwei, a by-election candidate for the Legislative Council of the Kuomintang's third constituency district in Taipei, to attend the Huang Guoliang Zhongshan Party Headquarters Symposium. Before the meeting, he was interviewed by the media.

The media asked Li Jinying to take over as the chairman of the Zhushi Party Committee. It was interpreted that the plan for the 2024 general election was to bring Ke Wenzhe, Guo Taiming and Hou Youyi closer. Zhu Lilun said that Li is a younger generation. The younger generation is doing their best, and there are many younger generations who have recently announced that they will become important cadres in the party, nurturing more younger generations, and sticking to each other.

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As for Laguo and Ke taking advantage of this card, Zhu Lilun emphasized that it is absolutely impossible to card any comrade, "I am the head coach, and I hope that each of our comrades will be as good as possible, and everyone will be scolded by Zhu Lilun." He will always support his own Comrade, at the same time, the Kuomintang cannot only rely on the blue army, but must call on more people to become the blue army, no matter if they are white or other colors, as long as they are not green and non-DPP, they must unite together.

Zhu Lilun said that Li Jinying has a responsibility as the chairman of the Zhushi City Party Committee. He must unite all friends who are not in the green camp. Yesterday, he also thanked Hsinchu Mayor Gao Hongan for welcoming Li and will meet Li as soon as possible. Therefore, the most important thing is to be united. Let the Kuomintang gain more support, not only will it win the two legislative by-elections, but it will also return to power in 2024.

The media mentioned that Li Jinying's loyalty was questioned in the Kuomintang, and he ran to the People's Party when the Kuomintang was at its hardest. Zhu Lilun said that giving Li a chance to make up for his crimes will give young friends more opportunities, so not only Li Jinying, but also Many young generations have become grassroots or party central cadres, and they always succeed one after another. Cultivating more young people is the most important goal of the KMT.

The media asked whether Li Jinying's return represented Guo Dong's forces returning to the Kuomintang. Zhu Lilun emphasized that he really did not consider it this way. Young people violated party discipline in the past, returned to the party, and were willing to serve the party. Give Li a chance to work hard in Hsinchu City. I have visited the local people in two days and think it is very good, and I have a close relationship with the high-tech industry. I open my heart and allow Li to make good efforts and work hard.

Does the media's questioning cause dissatisfaction at the grassroots level?

Zhu Lilun said, "I don't believe it will!" The Kuomintang has a broad heart and a tolerant heart. The more comrades, the better, and the fewer enemies, the better. We welcome more friends to join the Kuomintang, and we also welcome friends who are not in the blue camp. Including white or other colors, cooperate first and join in supporting the KMT in the future.