Russian aggressors in the occupied territories require Ukrainian citizens who work in the budget sector to obtain a passport of the Russian Federation.

They are also forced to write applications to renounce Ukrainian citizenship.

This was


by the Center of National Resistance.

If Ukrainians renounce the citizenship of the country of the aggressor, people are threatened with dismissal from their jobs.

"The enemy is trying to carry out forced passporting in the temporarily occupied territories. The occupation administrations told doctors, utility workers and others that they need to get Russian passports if they want to continue working. In addition, they must write a statement renouncing Ukrainian citizenship," it says. in the message.

Also, the Central Central Committee said that the Russians are opening employment centers in the occupied territories, but only those people who will take Russian citizenship will be registered.

We will remind you that it was previously reported that Mykhailo Podolyak, the adviser to the head of the President's Office, commented on the holding of

pseudo-referendums in the occupied territories and the fake accession of "new regions of Russia".

He called it a "PR production in the theater of monsters"


In addition, we previously informed that the collaborator from Kherson, who was declared wanted,

came to the law enforcement officers "with a confession" herself


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