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Continuation of our 2022 Review.


But besides Zakharova's strawberries, the month of July also shone with something else: the information that various politicians, journalists, influencers and other idlers received BGN 4,000 per month for spreading Russian propaganda.

And so the term four thousand was born. 

And more…

Obzor 2022 (Part III): When Zakharova played with strawberries, Russian spies kicked them out of Bulgaria, and the term "four thousand" was born


What a surprise"…!

Orban is the only leader of a European Union country to receive Christmas and New Year greetings from Putin. 

Putin stated that despite the complex international situation, relations between their countries have maintained positive dynamics.

According to information from the Kremlin, the Russian president also congratulated his Serbian colleague Aleksandar Vucic, who described the peoples of both countries as "brotherly".

Orban is the only EU leader to receive a New Year's greeting from Putin


So… so far;

congrats to the winners and the “winners”…

The changes to the Electoral Code are promulgated in the State Gazette


This is how public transport will work in Sofia on New Year's Eve


After two years of quarantine and searching for a cheap destination to spend the winter months, German pensioners decided to move to Greece, brokers reported, quoted by BNR.

The interest of German citizens is

for the whole country, and not only for the islands,

as it was before.

They are attracted by the sun, the warm climate and the relatively lower prices of basic necessities.

German pensioners move to Greece


The committee in the House of Representatives of the US Congress, which investigated the storming of the Capitol from January 6 last year, today published the tax returns of former President Donald Trump for six years, BTA reported.

The commission obtained documents from 2015 to 2020 as part of an investigation into "the Internal Revenue Service's failure to timely conduct mandatory audits of Trump during his time as president." 

The committee investigating the storming of the Capitol has released Donald Trump's tax returns


The decision to cancel the performance was made with the consent of Polunin's company.

The Arcimboldi Theater also said that they are firmly against the war in Ukraine, noting that they have organized performances by the Russian dissident group "Kiss the Paradise" and by Ukrainian artists.

Sergey Polunin, one of the biggest names in the world of dance and former director of the Royal Ballet in London, was born in Ukraine, but in 2018 he acquired Russian citizenship.

There is also a picture that speaks more than 1000 words…

In Italy, they canceled a performance of a Russian ballet dancer with Putin tattoos


NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg called on the member states of the alliance to supply more weapons to Ukraine, DPA reported.

“I urge allies to do more.

It is entirely in the interest of our security to make sure that Ukraine wins and Russian President Vladimir Putin does not win," Stoltenberg said in an interview with DPA.

Stoltenberg called on the countries of the Alliance to supply more weapons to Ukraine


The "genius" billionaire and owner of Twitter - Elon Musk - has recently been doing his best to dispel the myth that billionaires are smarter and better than the rest of us...

Twitter employees now go to work with toilet paper