The "Happiness Bus" in Chiayi City was put into operation today, and its driving routes connect remote suburbs and urban areas, making it more convenient for citizens in remote areas to take buses.

(Photo by reporter Ding Weijie)

[Reporters Wang Shanyan, Ding Weijie/Report from Chiayi] In order to make up for the gap in public transportation services, the Chiayi City Government has planned 3 "Happiness Bus" routes connecting remote suburbs and urban areas. Barrier facilities make it easier for citizens of all ages to take public transportation.

Chiayi Mayor Huang Minhui attended the inauguration ceremony held in Fengtian Temple in Chiayi City today. She said that Chiayi City has continuously created convenient public transportation in recent years, improving the convenience of the public and driving the city's development. In the past 4 years, the urban bus has been upgraded to Electric buses, the red, yellow, and green 3 urban bus lines are increasing year by year. In order to add another 1 to happiness, the "Happiness Bus" is launched today to make up for the public transportation needs of people in small roads or remote areas. In particular, if the elderly in rural areas want to go out, they don’t need to trouble their juniors to carry them. They can take the “Happiness Bus” to parks, hospitals, clinics, care bases, sightseeing spots, etc. In addition, for the convenience of parents who use baby strollers, disabled The "Happiness Bus" is equipped with universal barrier-free facilities, and citizens are invited to use it more often.

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The Municipal Transportation Department stated that after the "Happiness Bus" is put on the road, the coverage rate of public transportation in Chiayi City will be increased from 70% to 84%. At present, it is planned to run every hour, and the 3 routes include running from Linsen Luyi Intersection through Chiayi Railway Station to "Lohas 1" in Hongwari Community, "Lohas 1-1" departing from Wenyali Community, there are 10 departures per day; "Lehuo 2" departs from Zhucunli Activity Center and passes through Chiayi Train After the station, go to Wugang Palace in Xingcunli, and run 20 times a day; "Qutao 3 Road" departs from Wenyali, travels through Minzu Road to Fengtian Palace, and runs 20 times a day.

The Department of Transportation said that if the public has a need for barrier-free rides or has a certain need for rides, they can call Jiecheng Transportation Co., Ltd. 0965-518-265 to make an appointment no later than 5:00 pm on the day before the ride, and from now until June 30 next year On July 1, citizens can ride for free with electronic tickets. Detailed routes and timetables can be found on the website of the Municipal Transportation Department and the "Love Chiayi" APP.

Chiayi City has launched 3 routes of happiness buses for the convenience of citizens. Chiayi Mayor Huang Minhui (in the middle of the second row) and several village chiefs and local people announced that the happiness buses will be launched from now on.

(Photo by reporter Ding Weijie)