Jerry Heil

, who fell from a 3-meter height during a concert in Ternopil, told how she feels now.

In particular, the celebrity has already been discharged from the hospital.

Jerry settled in one of the hotels in Ivano-Frankivsk.

The singer has even returned to her favorite business - music.

However, the artist admitted that it is difficult for her to sing, because her lungs hurt.

"Wrote a new song in the hotel in the morning while you were sleeping! So far, my lungs hurt when I sing. But inspiration is missing. We have to catch it while it's still there," shared the performer.

Jerry Heil / Photo:

Jerry's bruises are also still healing.

In particular, the actress has a large hematoma on her temple.

However, the celebrity does not lose his sense of humor and jokes about his bruises.

"Unpacking the hematoma," Heil joked.

Jerry Heil / Photo:

By the way, the doctors even allowed the performer to do a light massage.

Jerry Heil / Photo:

It will be recalled that during a concert in Ternopil, Jerry Heil fell into the orchestra pit.

During the fall, the star received a concussion, broke a rib and bruised.

Earlier, the artist said

that it would take so much time for her to recover


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