"Lucky number for this draw" 30/12/65, the latest draw before winning the government lottery draw this afternoon, prepare to win "lucky numbers" and "famous numbers" from where to be popular.

Let luck win the lottery until you become the next new millionaire.

On December 30, 2022, reporters reported that

Today is the day of the government lottery.

Daily draw 30/12/65 According to a survey of lottery stalls in the morning, it was found that there are many lottery stalls to choose from.

although more expensive than the previous period

But most people want to buy it to try their luck at the end of 2022 in case they will get lucky as a new millionaire.

Have millions to go on a New Year's Eve trip with family 

As for "lucky numbers", "famous numbers", "beautiful numbers", "lucky numbers", they can't be bought anymore.

because it was all occupied from the first day

Including the popular numbers like "0" were all bought. There were also numbers related to the Sukhothai Royal Navy, the Prime Minister's Registration Number, the numerology guideline number, and the Chinese calendar number were all bought.

However, for those who do not have "lucky numbers" in their hearts, "Thairath Online" sums up lucky numbers from all over the world. Let's see.

mute female daughter

bring luck to the end of the year

"Thao Wessuwan-Ai Tamarind" Wat Sai Mai finds lucky numbers

"Daughter of a mute woman" takes you to ask for great luck at the end of the year. Look at the lucky number "Thao Wessuwan-Ai Tamarind", Sai Mai Temple, Pathum Thani Province, to win a millionaire draw 30/12/65

Lottery for the end of the year 2022, selling well, parade to buy lucky numbers

Sukhothai royal ship

Prime Minister's car registration

Gamblers buy lottery tickets to win riches at the end of the year

Both Sukhothai royal boat numbers, B.E. numbers, Prime Minister's car registrations in the south

Monsit Khamsoi hints at lucky numbers as a way to end the year 2022

, is another entertainer who loves to gamble with his life.

For a famous country singer like Monsit Khamsoi, who often wins prizes in almost every draw.

Plus, he's kind enough to give away lucky numbers to the fans who follow him and win on a regular basis.

In the draw on December 30, this is the end of the year 2022. Monsit did not fail to guide the numbers for the fans.

Top 10 "Lucky Numbers" Best Sellers 30/12/65

Top 10 "Lucky Numbers" Best Sellers Before Lottery Day Draw 30/12/65 Lottery vendors say "famous numbers for this draw" and "lucky numbers" no longer exist.

Lottery vendors tell "lucky numbers" hit numbers on the royal warships

The end of the year

number "lucky number" Chiang Mai has arrived. The end of the year 2022. The number of the royal warship is strong. All of them are gone. Gamblers still like the end of the year numbers to welcome the new year.

King Taksin Day, etc.

What did the lottery draw this draw?

"Social celebrities" are kind, tell the way.

Calculator tells the guideline for famous "lucky numbers" on social media. Jaidee tells "lucky numbers for this draw" 30/12/65 and "mute daughter" so that the lottery fans can shine as a guideline.

Go to gamble for the last draw of 2022

Making a ceremony to ask for luck "strange colored eels", hoping to bring "lucky numbers" to win the year-end draw.

Hilarious, villagers flocked to see "strange colored eels" and performed a fortune-seeking ceremony.

On the side of people with good eyes, let's look at "lucky numbers", hoping to win luck at the end of the year, draw 30/12/65.

Green snake serpent with a crest similar to "Phaya Nak" crawling up the grandparents' pavilion at Kham Chanot (Clip)

Villagers wake up with a green snake with crest.

looking like a serpent's head crawling up the pavilion of father, grandfather, mother, grandmother

which people buy and donate and have a tracking number set at Kham Chanod

The housekeeper told me that this snake had been seen 4-5 days ago.

Can't buy now

This draw, the lottery was released on December 30, the statistician smiled sweetly. Found "lucky numbers", used to repeat twice.

This draw draws the lottery at the end of the year 2022, taking a look at the lottery statistics released on December 30, dating back 10 years. The last 2 digits, 02, were issued twice twice, while the "lucky number" 00 was issued on December 30 as well.

This draw, the lottery division hasn't roamed yet. Don't forget to look at the "lucky number" 30/12/65

that the millionaire can get.

"Lucky numbers for this draw" have you gone to buy "lottery tickets" yet?

Prepare to win who will be the next new millionaire.