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Today's maximum temperatures will be between 8° and 13°.

In the coming hours, the fog will dissipate almost everywhere and it will be sunny and almost quiet in most of the country, in Eastern Bulgaria - with a weak south-westerly wind.

And tomorrow the day will start with reduced visibility in many areas.

The minimum temperatures will be between minus 2 and 5 degrees, in Sofia - about 1°, and the maximum - between 12 and 17 degrees.

Before noon there will still be fog in isolated places, but after noon it will be sunny across the country.

A weak, moderate south-westerly wind will blow in the eastern regions.

The weather will be sunny and warm for the season on the Black Sea as well, in combination with a weak to moderate south-westerly wind.

The excitement of the sea will be weak.

What to expect from the weather in January?

And in the mountains during the second half of the day, sunny weather will prevail.

Visibility will be temporarily reduced during the morning hours along the highway.

A moderate wind will blow from the west-northwest.

Maximum temperatures in the resorts - from 9° to 11°, in Aleko - about +1°.

Rainfall will continue tomorrow in the northwestern parts of the Balkans, as well as in many areas of Europe.

Significant amounts are expected in the British Isles and France.

In the western half of the continent, temperatures will remain higher than typical for late December.

And in our country, the expectations are to send the old one away and welcome the new year with temperatures that are still higher than usual for the period.

In the morning it will be foggy in many areas, but during the day it will be sunny.