The front of the large truck was almost completely destroyed and fell off the side slope.

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[Reporter Zhang Xuanzhe/Taichung Report] The national highway is not calm!

After the fatal car accident on the Qingshui Section of National Highway No. 4 the day before yesterday, a car accident occurred today on the Qingshui Section of National Highway No. 3 in Taichung. A large truck chased a car and then broke through the guardrail and fell down the slope, resulting in 3 injuries. Both drivers had no alcohol reaction. The cause of the accident Investigating and clarifying.

National highway police investigation, at 11:32 this morning, a large truck chased a car from the rear at 173 kilometers south of National Highway No. 3, and then fell off the slope. The outside lane and auxiliary lane were once affected. The man and the passenger surnamed Jiang were injured. The truck driver, a 41-year-old man surnamed Tong, was injured. Three people were sent to Guangtian Hospital for treatment. According to Guangtian Hospital, the driver Jiang Nan had scratches on his head, neck, and chest, and the 69-year-old passenger Jiang Nan had scratches on his right shoulder and Teng Gai. , Ankle laceration, Tong Nan's right upper arm and knee abrasion.

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The police said that after two tests, the driving alcohol test value was 0. The incident and the cause of the accident still need to be further investigated and clarified; Follow the speed limit and keep a safe distance.