Taichung Fengyuan Passenger Bus hit and killed a mother and child who were crossing a zebra crossing at a green light at the intersection of Xueshi Road and Yingcai Road.

(provided by the police)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Taiwan has been dubbed "Pedestrian Hell" by foreign media, and bad driving habits are one of the reasons; Chen Zijian, the founder and anchor of "Eyeball CCTV" and anchor "Retina" shared his driving experience a few days ago, saying that he is courteous to pedestrians , but was constantly honked by an aunt who was in a hurry. Unexpectedly, within a few days of posting the article, a Taichung bus hit and killed a pedestrian's mother and child.

Chen Zi sees a sharp and humorous style of sneer, and often shares life details through fans. On the 24th, he was driving straight in Taipei, and the green light had to turn right, but there were pedestrians on the zebra crossing. He wanted to be courteous to pedestrians, so he stopped slowly , As a result, "the white car behind honked 5 very long horns".

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He continued to drive, and when he stopped at a red light, he was side by side with the white car, "Maybe the aunt in the car is in a comfortable weather and the windows are not closed, so I pulled down the windows, stared at her with a blank expression and told her" Merry Christmas"", but the other party knew he was wrong, covered his face with his hands and kept apologizing, shouting "I'm sorry I didn't mean it, I'm in a hurry".

He added, "There is also a flashing red light that means 'stop and start again'. If it is not completely stationary to 0, at least slow down, but a bunch of drivers in the Republic of China don't know it, and they just focus on blah blah." discussion.

Although this episode ended safely, in just a few days, a bloody car accident occurred in which a Taichung bus disrespected pedestrians and killed a pedestrian mother and child crossing the road with a green light; Leave a message under the post, sighing sadly, this incident left the person involved "a family of three leaving dad alone".

The bad habits of drivers are hard to get back, which is one of the problems that has caused Taiwan's "pedestrian hell". Netizens lamented, "I'm really curious, where do pedestrians in Taiwan go? It seems dangerous to go even at a green light", "I'm always with children Said that cars in Taiwan will not give way to pedestrians, you have to give way to cars first", "I'm in a hurry, someday I'm not in a hurry, there are a lot of honking noises every day, and those motorcycles that blare pedestrians on the sidewalk also owe "Happy New Year"" .