The 41-year-old Tang Nan took his 25-year-old Thai girlfriend to a motorcycle station on Zhongzheng Road in Zhonghe District yesterday. He was suspected of taking a drug overdose and was sent to the hospital. The police seized 17 packets of poisoned coffee at the scene. Today, it was reported that the cause of Tang Nan’s death was drug abuse. Coffee pods are suspected to contain highly toxic PMA ingredients.

(Photographed by reporter Que Jinglun)

[Reporter Que Jinglun/New Taipei Report] A 41-year-old man surnamed Tang took his 25-year-old Thai girlfriend to a motorcycle railway station on Zhongzheng Road, Zhonghe District yesterday. At 5:00 p.m., he suspected of overdose and asked the manager for help. The police and firefighters were reported to the scene to assist When sent to the hospital, Tang Nan lost his breath and heartbeat while getting into the ambulance, and he was pronounced dead at the hospital for emergency treatment.

The police seized 17 packets of poisoned coffee at the scene. After the police questioned, the male and female friends of Tang were charged with drug crimes. Today, the cause of death was found to be caused by drug abuse. It was determined that the poisoned coffee packets contained highly toxic PMA ingredients. The source of the drugs has yet to be traced. investigation.

At about 5:00 p.m. yesterday, the manager Ge of Zhonghe Zhongzheng Road Motel heard a call for help from Room 207. He checked nearby and found Tang Nan standing in the garage. 119, 110.

The Zhonghe police rushed to the scene and immediately put Tang Nan in an ambulance to the hospital. Unexpectedly, he suddenly lost his breathing and heartbeat on the way. After emergency treatment by the Ministry of Lishuang and the hospital, he was still pronounced dead.

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According to the police investigation, Tang Nan answered normally before getting into the car. He claimed to be staying with his girlfriend on the motorcycle train. Forensic personnel found Tang Nan’s girlfriend and 17 packets of poisoned coffee at the scene. Among them, 15 packets had been opened and 2 packets had not been opened Xin, and then brought the Thai woman back to clarify.

It is understood that the Thai woman "Fei Fan" (translated name) is suspected of having a drug party in the room with Tang Nan. The poisoned coffee packs may contain the drug PMA (methoxyamphetamine) that appeared in the incident of local rich brother Zhu Jialong in the past, which is similar to amphetamines. It is more toxic than the MDMA (methylenedioxymethamphetamine) contained in "Happy Pills" and "Ecstasy Pills". It is a central nervous system stimulant and hallucinogen. The adverse effects after administration can lead to death.

Due to the conclusive evidence of drug crimes in the room, the prosecution is now conducting a judicial inspection and confirmed that Tang Nan died of drug abuse.

The police said that they will trace the source of the drugs in the room upwards, and then investigate the relevant persons involved in selling drugs.

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