on Pechersk, a pregnant woman got stuck in an elevator due to a power outage.

The incident took place in one of the high-rise buildings on Bastionnaya Street.

The expectant mother was going down the elevator from the seventh floor when the lights went out.

This was reported by the communication department of the Kyiv police.

"The crew of the special police regiment No. 2, which was located nearby, immediately came to help. In a few minutes, the law enforcement officers together with the resident of the house carefully helped the woman to get out. The police officers offered her to call the medics, but she felt fine and refused to provide medical assistance. The resident thanked to the special forces for quick response," the message says.

The police advise in such situations not to panic and to calm down and not to try to open the cabin door yourself until the relevant services arrive.

Citizens are also warned not to use elevators during periods of stabilization power outages in the building and during air alarms.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that pregnant women get stuck in elevators.

On November 28, in the Sviatoshyn district, a woman from Kyiv, who was stuck in an elevator due to a blackout,

went into labor


Then the experts used a chance tool and opened the elevator door.

Then they got the woman and handed her over to medics. 

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