Shen Nan was sentenced by the Qiaotou District Court for stealing food from other people's locomotives and masturbating the female owner.

(Photo by reporter Bao Jianxin)

[Reporter Bao Jianxin/Kaohsiung Report] A man surnamed Shen, who has a criminal record of obstructing weathering, was suspected of stealing the food that the woman bought and hung on the locomotive. The district court was also sentenced to 55 days of criminal detention for crimes such as theft and delinquency, and was fined by Yike.

The verdict pointed out that one morning in December last year, 29-year-old Shen Nan was suspected of stealing eggs, green vegetables, fish balls, tuna slices and other ingredients hanging from a locomotive in front of a fresh food supermarket in Niaosong District, Kaohsiung City. The market price was 550 yuan. .

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After Shen Nan got it, the female owner happened to come back to lead the car. Shen Nan watched her pass by, unzipped his trousers and jerked off. He vented before riding his motorcycle away.

The woman calmly called the police, and the Renwu Sub-bureau checked the monitor screen, summoned Shen Nan to the case, and sent a letter to the Qiaotou District Prosecutor's Office for investigation.

After the prosecution filed the case, the judge held a court session and found that Shen was suspected of having a history of delinquency, theft, and violation of the Sexual Harassment Prevention Act. After considering his guilty plea and education level, he was sentenced to 20 days and 40 days of criminal detention for the crime of theft and demeanor, respectively. He will also be sentenced to criminal detention for 55 days. If Yike's fine is converted into 1 day at 1,000 yuan, he may appeal.