In the Beryslav district near one of the villages, the prosecutors of the Kherson regional prosecutor's office, together with the police investigators, found the body of a man buried in a forest strip with traces of violent death.

This was reported in the Kherson regional prosecutor's office.

According to preliminary data, the deceased is a resident of the village who disappeared in September 2022 during the occupation of the settlement by Russian troops.

From the testimony of fellow villagers, it is known that on the day of his disappearance, the deceased was on his way to a neighboring village on a bicycle.

During a superficial examination of the body, traces of violent death were found, namely mechanical injuries to the skull.

Currently, the body has been sent for forensic examinations, including DNA.

All the circumstances of the occupiers' commission of another war crime are being established, the pre-trial investigation continues as part of the criminal proceedings on the fact of violation of the laws and customs of war, combined with intentional murder (Part 2 of Article 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

We would like to remind you that in the territory of the Mykolaiv Oblast liberated from the Russian occupiers, stabilization measures continue, in particular, the 


of the  bodies of the dead.

Thus, the bodies of seven civilians who were buried with violations due to the occupation were exhumed in the Sniguriv district.

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