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The Bulgarian company Balkan Utilities will supply the Macedonian TPPs East, West, Energetika and Skopje-Sever with gas.

This became clear after the end of the auction of the state company ESM, which signed an agreement for the supply of natural gas yesterday.

The previous gas supplier of JSC ESM Makpetrol Prom-Gas offered a higher and non-fixed price for January, unlike the Bulgarian Balkan utilities.

On the one hand, "Burgartransgaz" signed a contract to expand the capacity of the gas transmission system, and now a Bulgarian company is benefiting from the liberalization of the natural gas market in our neighbor.

The contract is valid until 01.05.2023.

According to the publication, the Bulgarian company has offered a firm price of 115.97 euros per megawatt hour.

While on the Macedonian side, they have offered 116.20 euros per megawatt hour for the same period, which is subject to change.

In this way, Bulgaria is becoming an increasingly large partner of Skopje, selling electricity and now gas to key economic entities in North Macedonia, Dragomir Mladenov from GERB commented on Facebook.

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