The head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, Andriy Yermak, called Zelensky's visit to the US very successful.

He stated this in an interview with Nataliya Moseychuk, host of TSN, telethon and talk show "Right to Power" on TV channel 1+1.

"It was a very successful visit. It was very nice to be proud of President Zelenskyi and Ukraine, because when people in the USA saw our flag on cars, they stopped, took pictures, took pictures. The attitude towards Ukraine is historic and I am very happy about it," said Yermak .

Moreover, he noted that the Biden administration is determined not only to talk about a successful visit, but also to implement what the presidents of the United States and Ukraine agreed on.

"I spoke with Jake Sullivan (ed. - national security adviser to the US president) and we made a plan. I am happy that they are determined not just to say how successful the visit was, but also to implement it. And for us, it is a weapon, and support and implementation of Zelenskyi's peace plan and many other things," the head of the OPU emphasized.

He also added that Zelenskyi's team has "a hundred percent agreement with the Americans and an understanding of what the end of the war is, what goals, what compromises there cannot be and will not be with the dictator Putin. "They are clearly with us today and they believe that our victory - this will also be their victory," Yermak noted.

We will remind that on December 22, Volodymyr Zelenskyi paid an official visit to the USA.

It was the first and so far the only 


 abroad by the President of Ukraine during the 10 months of full-scale war unleashed by the Russian Federation.

In Washington, Zelensky met with his American colleague Joe Biden and spoke in Congress.

The main topic of the talks between the leaders of Ukraine and the USA was the war and military aid to Kyiv.

Before his visit to Washington, Zelenskyi 

visited Bakhmut

, which has been stormed by the Russians for more than one month.

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