A British "visually impaired reporter" was robbed a few days ago, but in the end, his alert response managed to subdue the gangster alone.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] British BBC visually impaired reporter Sean Dilley was robbed on the streets of London on the 27th.

However, when he found out, he immediately followed up and threw the gangster to the ground, successfully subduing him.

"This robber picked the wrong blind man on the wrong day," Deeley said, but also suggested that it is best for ordinary people to call the police directly in similar situations, because no property is worth risking their lives.

According to the British media "BBC" report, on the 27th, Deeley, who was on the night shift, was robbed of his mobile phone by a robber on a bicycle during his break.

But at the moment Dili felt that the robber was still beside him, so he decided to pounce on him and controlled his arm, and finally succeeded in taking back his mobile phone.

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When Deeley suppressed the robbers, he immediately used the voice assistant on his mobile phone to call the police. In addition, enthusiastic people came forward to help.

But after seeing the robbers struggling, Deeley finally chose to let the robbers go.

Deeley mentioned afterwards that he should have become the target of the robbers because of his blindness, and in the process of suppressing the opponent, he also suffered multiple cuts on his body and injured his elbow, so he believed that the choice he made at that time was actually "stupid." "It is safer to appeal to the public to report to the police directly in the face of similar situations.