In the energy system of Ukraine, the deficit of electricity has increased.

"Ukrenergo" explained that due to the shelling of the gas infrastructure in the East of Ukraine, the units of some power plants stopped.

But thanks to the warm weather, it is possible to avoid blackouts at night.

Although there is still not enough power in the system.

What is the current situation with the power system and when will shutdown schedules start in Kyiv, DTEK Executive Director Dmytro Sakharuk told on the air of a nationwide telethon.

According to him, the energy system is now recovering after numerous shellings that took place during October-December.

The situation in the power system is complex, but under control.

"Nine-ten waves of attacks, more than a thousand rockets that were fired, of course, did not go in vain.

21 attacks

were carried out at the DTEK TPP . We

lost three of our workers

and another

25 were injured

. Restoration work continues, as at generating plants

facilities, as well as on facilities that are necessary for the transmission of electricity," Saharuk said.

Stabilizing outage schedules are mostly in effect across the country.

Most of the regions, in particular Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk and Odesa, have schedules, he added.

How long does it take to stabilize?

The executive director of DTEK warned that it would take one to three years to

return the situation in the power system to the state it was in before the mass shelling began .

"Stabilization in our case until the end of the heating season means stable electricity production, the effect of stabilization shutdown schedules. Full stabilization may be before the beginning of the heating season," he concluded.

The most difficult is in Kyiv

The executive director of DTEK said that the situation is the most difficult in Kyiv, because the occupiers chose the capital as one of the main targets.

"We are only now taking the opportunity to provide electricity close to the schedules. We managed to stabilize the situation in Kurenivka, Vynogradar - those areas that were most affected by the latest shelling," Saharuk said.

The situation with electricity supply in Kyiv

We will remind that the last blow to Kyiv was struck by the Russians on December 19.

Then the occupiers once again attacked the capital and the Kyiv region with their drones.

The invaders managed to hit the object of the capital's critical infrastructure, after which the situation with electricity supply worsened even more.

Earlier, the general director of the YASNO electricity supplier Serhiy Kovalenko told when Kyiv will be able to return to the planned schedules.

Petro Panteleev, the deputy head of the KMDA, warned that the power outages in the capital will continue throughout the winter.

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