On the southwestern section of National Highway No. 3, a container truck overturned and caught fire. Fortunately, the driver managed to get out of trouble, suspected to be caused by a flat tire.

(Provided by National Highway 6 Team)

[Reporter Huang Meizhu/Hsinchu Report] On the 77.3-kilometer section of Kansai Road going southward on National Highway No. 3, at 11:00 this morning, a connected container truck occurred in the inner lane. It was suspected that due to a tire blowout, it overturned and "lyed on its side" on the southbound inner lane, and the front of the car caught fire. The Hsinchu County Government Fire Department No. 3 Brigade immediately dispatched the Kansai Fire Brigade and others to rescue the fire. It is still in the process of rescue. Fortunately, the driver surnamed Huang was lucky enough to escape without serious problems. However, the traffic at the scene was chaotic. Drive slowly, the cause of the accident is unknown.

The National Highway Police stated that since the connected vehicle is prohibited from driving on the inner lane, and the accident vehicle was in an overturned state, it was suspected that the driving might be caused by improper overtaking or dodging vehicles, or loss of control. However, after further investigation, it was found that the accident vehicle had a punctured tire , so it was changed to judge that the vehicle had a flat tire and caused the accident. Since Huang Nan is currently in a state of shock, except for the fact that drunk driving and causing the accident can be ruled out, the exact cause of the accident has yet to be clarified.

The combined container truck that caught fire overturned to the ground, the front of the truck was on fire, and the driver was lucky to get out of trouble.

(The picture is provided by the Bamboo County Fire Department)