online lottery

Or the digital lottery is very strong during the year 2022 and recently creates a buzz in society.

After Nawat Isarakraisil, owner of the copyright of the Miss Grand stage

came out to unfold one platform

which sell lotteries online

Hired to make content to set up a scene with customers winning the 1st prize, even the owner of the online lottery sales platform.

has come out to deny no lottery tips

can check

until a lawsuit arose with Nawat

It's becoming a hot drama right now.

And how the story will end up after this must be followed.

But has made the issue of lottery tips

It's a non-existent lottery sale.

High risk of being skewed if winning

and still violating the Gambling Act

Back in the spotlight of society again

Especially in the group of gamblers who like to buy government lottery tickets online.

If purchased on a trusted platform

or purchase through the wallet application

It shouldn't be a problem like "Not" Pantawat Nakvisut, the owner of the Plus lottery platform.

and President of the Online Lottery Traders Association

Used to come out to reveal that there was a sale of "Lottery Thip" because the lottery number was the same as the real lottery of the Plus lottery division.

In the past, the Government Lottery Office

solved the problem of Lottery Thip

The information on the lottery ticket was adjusted from the original "set" to be under "date period" changed to type the number "set" added in the same position as the date period.

make the series number clearly visible

in the same position as the date period

and online lottery sales platform

The essence must be disclosed on the lottery ticket.

In addition to the number on the lottery ticket

so that buyers can see clearly

able to verify that that lottery

were sold in several fries

and whether the lottery numbers are forged or not

The chaotic story in the online lottery industry

There is a continuation when "Not" Lottery Plus announces the year 2022 with sales of up to 18,000 million baht, which is the source of spending money to buy the rights to broadcast the ASEAN Football Championship 2022 for Thai people to watch for free.

But it's like calling a guest to poke at the Revenue Department.

enter the tax audit

According to the order of Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister, and asked relevant agencies such as the Anti-Money Laundering Office

Department of Special Investigation

together with the police

Check the money path of Lottery Plus.

how it came

Not long ago, the police

Preparing to prosecute the sale of lottery tickets exceeding the price of 80 baht at a price of 95 baht each.

While "Not" Lottery Plus shows 100% sincerity, willing to give inspection.

Still in the legal process

because the more it was examined

The more it makes it clearer.

and even the next government

No matter who is the Prime Minister, he is not worried and is ready to check everything.

no matter the law

Taxes have never evaded even a single baht.

and no one is behind

There is no money laundering as many people think.

Not lottery plus

The case of online lottery sales platforms

There may be peculiarities, “Asst.

Rangsit University views that if the Lottery Office can do it, it can do it, as selling lottery tickets at a higher price is already illegal.

Which, as far as talking to the executives of the lottery office

Suing the Plus Lottery Division

And there is a lottery sale.

including the latest on money laundering

It's an interesting point.

It could be 3 offenses.

Case Nawat

came out to unfold one platform

There is content being staged with customers winning the 1st prize. It is seen that if the real lottery is sold, it is sold at the correct price of 80 baht per ticket, and if the stage is set up with customers winning the 1st prize, it is considered propaganda.

It's not wrong.

because it stimulates sales

But if it will be wrong only when the customer buys the lottery

And won the prize and didn't get the money.

Considered as a lottery tip

"The buyer of the lottery

through various platforms

will benefit more

Although not holding the real lottery, but there is proof of purchase

If correct, the actual reward will be paid.

or even the price of the lottery

It's more expensive than 80 baht each, but can get the desired number.

If going to buy in different panels

You may not get the number you want.

If buying through the platform, you can get the number you want.

How do you pay rewards?

Because there is a small group of people who won the prize.

Causing very little chance of loss

Even if there is a win to buy lottery tickets at a high price

brought to arrange a set for sale.”

Lottery sales platform tax audit issues

If the Revenue Department is serious, it can check.

And now there are many platforms.

There may be some that are fake platforms selling lottery tips to deceive people.

making it impossible to verify

But in reality, I don't believe that buyers will be easily deceived.

Because most of them are bought with a trusted platform.

Also, when someone wins a prize

The money will be paid immediately.

Considered as a promotion to make more people come to buy.

Along with noting that the platform sells lotteries.

It may only involve a few big traders.

In the distribution of lucky numbers and rotten numbers, which will be agreed on who will be the host in each draw

And if anyone gets a good lottery number, they must take the rotten number with them.

It's a shared market share.

Because the benefits from the lottery are huge, each month can be as much as 14,000 million baht and as previously offered by the lottery office.

If people buy lottery tickets

can choose number

without any combination

Will be able to solve the problem of over-priced lottery sales and if selling lottery tickets

Through all online, it will save printing costs.

If you can actually do it.