Hualien City's Zhongshan Road and Jianguo Road intersection launched technology law enforcement in September. Because some drivers pressed the double white lines to avoid illegally parked vehicles on the roadside, the county police station re-drawn the red line and stepped up enforcement.

(Provided by Hualien County Government Police Department)

[Reporter Wang Jinyi/Hualien Report] The technological law enforcement that was launched before the intersection of Zhongshan Road and Jianguo Road in Hualien City caused confusion among the public due to several tickets being issued by mistake, and the unclear sidelines of the roadside roads, resulting in illegal traps. The Hualien County Government Police Department has suspended law enforcement since last month. And after adjustments, it is expected to reopen on New Year's Day next year.

At the intersection of Zhongshan Road and Jianguo Road in Hualien City, dynamic technology law enforcement will be launched on September 26 this year. Prohibited items include running a red light, crossing a line that is prohibited from changing lanes, failing to make a two-stage left turn, crossing the line at a red light, and failing to give way Pedestrians and other items, but after it was launched, some people complained that they were driving on the double white lines in order to avoid illegal parking on the roadside. In addition, there were also drivers who crossed the double white lines, but were fined for failing to give way to pedestrians. The violation facts and the violations listed on the ticket The clause does not match.

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The Hualien County Government Police Bureau pointed out that it received feedback from representatives of public opinion at all levels and villagers, and considering the principle of clarity in law enforcement, it suspended technology law enforcement in the area from November 15, and invited civil representatives to conduct on-site surveys. Aiming at the problem of illegal parking of vehicles, the decision was made in The road section shall be repainted with red line markings prohibiting temporary parking, so as to avoid the obstruction of the traffic line of vehicles in the right-turn lane caused by illegal parking of vehicles.

The County Police Department pointed out that on the section from Lane 16, Lane 75, Jianguo Road to Lane 75, Jianguo Road, the slow lane for cars from west to east has been adjusted to a mixed lane for cars and motorcycles to align with the intersection, so that right-turning vehicles have more time to cross the double white lines at the intersection. Before, cut to the outer lane, which has been completed by Hualien City Office, the right-of-way unit, and the technological law enforcement at the intersection of Jianguo Road and Zhongshan Road will be reopened on January 1 next year.

The technological law enforcement at the intersection of Zhongshan Road and Jianguo Road in Hualien City was launched in September. Due to the confusion of the public caused by several wrongly issued tickets, the law enforcement was suspended and adjusted. It is expected to be reactivated on New Year's Day next year.

(provided by the public)