The SAMP-T anti-aircraft missile complex will help Ukraine protect itself from enemy ballistic missile strikes.

Military and political commentator Oleksandr Kovalenko said this in an exclusive interview with 

The expert also provided more detailed characteristics of the SAMP/T air defense system and explained the difference between these complexes and Patriot air defense systems.

"The SAMP/T air defense system can be compared with Patriot. The only difference between SAMP/T is that this complex has not yet been used in real combat conditions. And the Patriot air defense system has a rich history of use in combat conditions," the expert noted.

He added, regarding some characteristics, SAMP/T is even a better complex than Patriot.

"SAMP/T intercept missile weapons at ultra-low altitudes. The record interception of a missile was 5 meters. SAMP/T can intercept a missile moving at a speed of more than three thousand km/h," Kovalenko added.

It provided another important benefit to SAMP/T.

"SAMP/T were designed as anti-ballistic complexes. Interception of a ballistic missile is a very difficult task for air defense systems," the expert added.

We would like to add that the USA is finalizing plans for

sending the Patriot air defense system to Ukraine. 

Earlier, Ukrainian experts told whether the Russian Federation could destroy the Patriot complex.

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