Collection of "lucky numbers", the latest installment, auspicious incense from many famous places

It's a way to gamble for the best government lottery luck at the end of the year, draw 30/12/65

On December 28, 2022, it was reported that in the government lottery prize draw

or lottery

The draw for December 30, 2022 found that the lottery fans are still active.

Everyone shines "lucky numbers" as a way to win luck for the 30/12/65 draw, especially numbers from "auspicious incense", fortune telling from various famous places of luck.

that have been collected as follows:

The Li-Ke team got goosebumps, the host hired them to play for the ghosts after getting lucky, not missing out on finding "lucky numbers" to gamble.

At the cemetery of the Trikhun Dharma Foundation (Sam Tek Tai), Nong Ri Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chonburi Province, there is a group of Likay Phurin (Nong Pote) Sukontha who has come to perform.

Because someone hired to play offerings to the ghosts.

which the head of the Faculty of Like revealed that when he first entered

Even during the daytime, it's still creepy.

Because since birth, I have never played Li-Ke for ghosts to see before.

this is the first time

If playing at night, it would be more lonely. 

In the past, many people came to ask for luck and success.

This time, the incense sticks are numbered 673, which will be used to gamble on December 30, 2022. 

The villagers pay homage to

"Thao Wessuwan" does not forget to look at "lucky numbers", fortune-telling incense to win luck

Villagers flock to make merit and offer the coffin

Wat Pratumwanaram

On the lottery neck side, don't miss asking for "lucky numbers" Thao Wessuwan.

By burning incense, fortune telling, seeing the numbers 963, 843, 941, many people picked up their phones to take pictures.

to buy lottery tickets

Win a lucky draw on the 30th of December.

villagers flock to

"Lucky number for this round" holy water basin "Khai" to gamble 30/12/65 (clip)

Lottery neck parade to shine Candle tears in the holy water basin "Ai Khai" Wat Bot Rat Sattha

Along with burning incense, the number is 557, while most holy water basins see the numbers 682, 54.

Hilarious, the snake is tightly wrapped around the "Black Buddha Statue", lottery necks do not miss, look at "lucky numbers" to win luck

The villagers were delighted to find a snake slithering around.

"Luang Pho Ong Dam" on the shelf of the monk refuses to go, finally having to ask the staff to help catch

On the side of the lottery, don't miss looking at the house registration number 62/1 and burning incense, seeing the lucky number 043. Everyone flocked to buy lottery tickets hoping to win big luck to welcome the new year in this 30/12/65 draw.

Lottery necks parade to pay respect to "Thao Wessuwan", not forgetting to look at the lucky numbers of this draw

Lucky draw before the new year (clip)

People flocked to pay homage to

"Thao Wet Suwan", Phang Muang Temple, Suphanburi Province, for the prosperity of the New Year

On the side of the lottery, don't miss out on "lucky numbers". The numbers from the fortune-telling incense appear as the number 025, making villagers and people who come to make merit.

Everyone picked up their phones to take pictures.

to buy lottery tickets to win rich draws on 30/12/65

I won the lottery last time

Kru Num Tidjai came back to ask for "lucky numbers" of Grandfather Mughalin again to win luck.

young teacher with family

come to make a wish

Grandfather Mughalin - Chao Mae Takian

Wat Phutaphaothong

After the last draw, give luck

This time, he prayed for the auspicious incense sticks to ask for lucky numbers again.

appears as the number 334 

Lottery fans flock to ask for luck, 5 great gods, famous temples, don't miss out, look at the "lucky numbers of this round" to win riches

Bustling gambler

Come to ask for good luck, 5 Mahathep, Wat Sawang Arom

before new year trip

Do not miss the auspicious incense, appearing as the number 769-779-479 

Lottery necks parade to ask for blessings "Phra Pikanet" will not be disappointed

"Lucky numbers for this round" to win luck 30/12/65

Gamblers come to pay homage to "Ganesha Buddha", the Great Ganesha Park Temple, No. 9/3, Village No. 1, Klang Daet Sub-district, Mueang District, Nakhon Sawan Province.

Do not miss the auspicious incense, get the number 650 to win the draw on 30/12/65

Hilarious lottery neck performs a ceremony to ask for luck "strange colored eels" hoping to bring "lucky numbers" to win the year-end draw

Villagers flock to see "strange colored eels" and perform a fortune-telling ceremony

On the side of people with good eyes, let's look at the "lucky numbers" from fortune-telling incense, number 114, which many people will use to buy lottery tickets to try their luck in the draw on December 30, 2022.