Andriy Demchenko, the spokesman of the State Border Guard Service, said that currently the border guards do not record the creation of an offensive group in Belarus, which would be ready to invade Ukraine right now.

Demchenko said this on December 27 during a briefing at the Ukraine-Ukrinform Media Center.

"The creation of the necessary offensive group, which would be ready by now to carry out an invasion from the territory of Belarus, is not noted. Belarus and Russia constantly inflame the situation ... by demonstrating joint training measures of military units, including maneuvers to move equipment, check combat readiness of the troops and the continuation of the expansion of the regional grouping of the troops of the so-called allied state. However, their numerical composition does not change, as does the nature of the actions. The units change on a rotational basis," said the spokesman of the State Border Service.

Demchenko added that the border units and other components of the Defense Forces of Ukraine, which strengthen the border with Belarus, are ready for any development of events.

Thus, according to the spokesman of the State Security Service, Ukrainian defenders have increased defensive positions along the state border and the border.

In addition, engineering and fortification work is ongoing.

Border guards are constantly working on cooperation measures.

The territory is mined, the system of video surveillance and remote control is strengthened, and drones are used for monitoring.

Such measures take place along the entire length of the border with Belarus, from Volyn to Chernihiv region, Demchenko added.

"Ukraine is well aware that Russia is trying in every possible way to involve Belarus in an open war or may try to use this direction for a second invasion," the DPSU spokesman emphasized.