The recent

explosion at the airbase in Engels,

Saratov region, forced the Russians to withdraw their strategic aircraft as far as possible.

This will make it much more difficult for Russia to launch missile strikes on Ukraine's energy facilities.

The New York Times writes about it.

"Cotton" systematically visits Russian military airfields where bombers are located that launch cruise missiles over Ukraine.

Therefore, such strikes on air bases can potentially destroy enemy missiles even before they are used.

Depletion of the resources of the Russian Federation

The newspaper claims that Ukrainians are now "pessimistically optimistic", because apart from the nuclear threat, Russia cannot do more damage to Ukraine than it is already doing.

Therefore, the reduction of Moscow's missile capabilities outweighs any concern about escalation.

Interestingly, recent explosions at Russian airbases show the country's increasingly depleted stockpile of cruise and tactical ballistic missiles.

The head of Ukrainian intelligence, Kyrylo Budanov, noted that Russia has enough missiles for two or three more massive missile strikes on Ukraine.

After that, according to Budanov, the occupiers will run out of missiles.

"Cotton" in Engels on December 26 

In Russia, on the night of December 26, a powerful explosion rang out at the military airfield in Engels.

This is the second "cotton" in a month at the air base of Russian strategic bombers, which launch cruise missiles over Ukraine.

The Ministry of Defense of Russia confirmed the drone attack on the airfield and informed about the dead soldiers.

Russian propagandists inform about three dead and four wounded.

The area of ​​the fire after the explosion reached 120 square meters.

The control point of the air base could be destroyed there.

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