Hsinchu Mayor Gao Hongan went to Hsinchu Science Park to understand the long-standing traffic congestion problem.

(provided by the city)

[Reporter Cai Zhangsheng/Hsinchu Report] Hsinchu Mayor Gao Hongan announced the establishment of a traffic improvement team in the city meeting this morning. In the afternoon, he and Deputy Mayor Cai Liqing went to the traffic accident section of Zhuke Police to investigate the cause of the accident on the spot and learn about Hsinchu Science. The park has long suffered from traffic congestion.

Gao Hongan said that after that, he will analyze the hot spots in the park and make improvements based on the principle of proposing a district-wide solution. He also instructs the traffic department and the public works department to ensure the safety of passers-by with the highest standards, so that citizens can feel at ease when commuting to and from get off work.

Gao Hongan said that the primary goal after taking office is to improve the long-standing traffic problems in Hsinchu City, so he immediately arranged a survey schedule today. The Zhushi City Government has established a traffic improvement team, and has tasked the Traffic Department with continuous monitoring. Regular group meetings are held to invite the Public Works Department, The police station and other relevant bureaus conduct joint surveys on roads prone to accidents, relieve traffic congestion in the park, and formulate traffic improvement measures to strengthen road traffic safety and smoothness.

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According to the Department of Communications, the section of Jieshou Road and Jinshan Street is the entrance of Zhuke Park, a traffic peak area and the top three road sections with the largest traffic volume in the city. It has never done a complete traffic engineering planning and improvement plan for a long time, and This road section is adjacent to Jinshan Community, Experimental Middle School, a new community with more than 1,000 households, and social housing that will start construction in the future. Therefore, after the population influx, the traffic congestion problem in Zhuke Park will face a major challenge.

Gao Hongan said that the congested road section at the entrance of Zhuke Park is currently in a severe situation due to issues such as nearby residents and road ownership. Therefore, the city government will conduct traffic flow surveys and project planning in the future, and plan to invite the Science and Technology Management Bureau, Hsinchu County and local residents. Hold a forum on the traffic policy, listen to the needs of residents on the spot, and hope to form a consensus through multi-party discussions and participation, and work together to improve the traffic problems in Zhuke Park.

Cai Liqing said that due to the lack of alternative public transportation system to solve the current traffic problems in Zhuke Park, it is necessary to listen to public opinion and integrate adjacent road signs, and formulate the best traffic policy plan after weighing the interests of multiple parties.

According to the Department of Transportation, for the entrance section of Zhuke Park, the Science and Technology Management Bureau will re-plan the road in January next year, set up a partition island as a pedestrian shelter space, and carry out intersection sign poles, underground sky cables, and sidewalks. Environmental improvement and other projects are committed to creating friendly traffic and providing citizens with a safe, secure and beautiful road environment.