Military expert

Oleg Zhdanov

told how the bodies of the killed soldiers of the Russian Federation are collected and what happens to them next.

The details published by the expert on his YouTube channel are horrifying.

"The catastrophic situation came back in the summer. This is a very big problem. Where we liberate the territory, of course, we remove the bodies of killed soldiers, both our own and those of others. We store foreign soldiers in refrigerated wagons, and as agreed with the Russian side, we are trying to exchange them. But the Russian side is in no hurry to take away its dead. But where there is a positional war, the same Bakhmut, there is a situation on the verge of an ecological disaster. Why? Because in the summer the bodies were not cleaned and they decomposed. They are there they were dragged by wild animals, eaten by dogs, and the corpse poison got into the groundwater, the surface water. That is, what flows here through the ground and near the surface of the water. The corpse smell spread, it was a huge problem," he said.

Zhdanov added that at best, the Russians removed the bodies when there was nowhere else to go.

The occupiers looked for some pits and ravines and dragged the bodies there and simply dumped them.

"Now the situation is a little better, because it is cold. The temperature is approximately like in a refrigerator: from +5 to -5. And now the situation, let's say, is more or less acceptable. But in the spring, when the thaw begins, we will return to the situation when there will be mass poisoning of the territory with these corpse poisons, corpse smells, etc. This is a huge problem and today it is very difficult to solve it because of the position of the Russian political leadership," the expert explained.

Zhdanov emphasized that the Russian occupiers do not want to take the bodies of their dead.

"They are probably afraid that if such a large number of corpses are put in coffins and released around Mother Russia, as they call it, it could cause a social explosion," Zhdanov suggested.

The military expert added that, by the way, the number of Russian casualties has not changed since September, but remained at the level of 5,000.

"Although even our figure is already beginning to be confirmed by Western analysts and those who monitor the situation on the front line, that we have indeed crossed the 100,000 mark and continue to inflict huge losses on the Russian army. Especially now, when the mobilized appeared, when prisoners appeared, whom no one feels sorry for and no one cares about... They are simply driven to the slaughter. When the people run out, we will bring more. This is the principle they operate on today. That is why it is a huge problem, and how to solve it, for now, it is very difficult to say difficult. If possible, we remove the bodies of both Russian and our soldiers. In general, we try to take away our soldiers at once, well, and Russian - if possible," he concluded.

We will remind, near Bakhmut, the soldiers of the K-2 unit of the 54th OMBr eliminated a large group of mercenaries of the "Wagner" PMK.

About 50-60 militants were killed.

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