A 67-year-old man in Uganda married 12 women, gave birth to 102 children, and had 568 grandchildren. However, he could no longer afford the cost of raising children and decided to ask his wife to take contraceptives.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] A 67-year-old man in Uganda legally exercised the local polygamy system, married 12 women, and gave birth to 102 children and 568 grandchildren.

However, he could no longer bear the financial pressure of his large family and ordered his wife to take birth control pills.

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, Musa Hasahya from Lusaka, Uganda, East Africa, dropped out of school in 1971. At the age of 16, he married his first wife and gave birth to his first daughter two years later.

As a village head and businessman, he thought he was capable of earning money and decided to add more wives to his family.

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Hassaiah currently has 12 wives. As the number of family members increases, he gradually feels that his financial resources cannot bear it. He said, "Because of limited resources, I can no longer raise new children, so I recommend that all wives who can still have children carry out family planning." .

He also discourages men with more than 4 wives from having too many children because things are not going so well.

Although he has many children and grandchildren, Hassaiah can identify each one by appearance, but cannot call them by name.

Hasseyah is now seeking help from the government to try to solve the children's education problems.

The Hasaya family lives in Lusaka, where polygamy is legal.