TV presenter

Andriy Bednyakov

said that the Russian occupiers want to destroy a landmark place for all residents of Mariupol.

Recently on Instagram, the showman showed a landmark place - a house with a clock in the heart of Mariupol.

It holds many pleasant and important memories for local residents and Bedniakov himself. 

"This is the very center of Mariupol. A legendary (for Mariupol residents) house with a clock. I remember when I was little, when I arrived in the center, I would stand and look at the clock. Then, when I grew up, I would often schedule a meeting with my friends "under the clock" so that later to go for a walk or to a "thing" or to the park," Bednyakov recalled.


However, the Russian occupiers decided to come to destroy and decided to demolish such a building for the people of Mariupol.

"Yesterday, the temporary "tenants" of Mariupol started demolishing it. No matter how hard they try to stop the clock of our city, we will still bring new batteries and restart it," said Bednyakov.

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