Of the $858 billion US defense budget, the United States has set aside $45 billion for Ukraine to use in a war against Russia.

All budgets have been passed by Congress, both the House of Representatives and the House of Representatives.

Biden signed, it's a perfectly usable budget.

against the budget passed by Congress.

Americans condemn the Biden administration.

Because now more than 700,000 Americans live without electricity.

Many electric companies are pleading with the public to save energy.

Please don't use large appliances and turn off unnecessary lights.

The weather in many parts of the US is so bad that many people freeze to death in their cars.

The US is a country of homelessness.

The proportion of homeless people in the world is the highest in the world.

Instead of the government's budget to take care of their people out of poverty.

The United States instead spends money on wars in different regions.

The US government has been criticized by Americans (swearing) the most, it is about taking money to help Ukraine.

but indifferent to the sufferings of his own people.

Since Monday, December 5, 2022, the United States and its allies have imposed measures to hold the Russian oil price ceiling at

60 dollars per barrel

Their logic is that

If sold more expensively, Russia would have money to spend on war.

The US and its allies want the war to stop.

Therefore, Russia has to have less money.

The United States pumps money into Ukraine in the trillion baht.

In order to use it for war with Russia. Oh, if the United States wants the war to end.

Well, don't put money into a C war.

You both gave Ukraine money and Ukraine borrowed it to fight.

How will the war be peaceful?

From 5 December 2022 onwards, the United States, G7 countries and Australia

A ban on imports of crude oil and natural gas carried by Russian seas.

The Russians say, ah, that's fine. The Russians don't want to sell oil and gas to you guys.

When you say you won't buy

Russia will request to reduce crude oil production by 5-7 hundred thousand tons per day from now on.

Russia cuts oil (and natural gas) exports to the United States and countries that support crude oil price ceilings.

As soon as Russia announced

The price of crude oil in the world immediately rose.

Because Russia's share of the oil export market is as high as 22 percent and gas as high as 20 percent.

The price of oil could rise to $70-100 per barrel in 2023 if oil prices soar to this extent.

Human beings in the whole world would not be able to continue.

Because almost every human move comes from oil and natural gas.

When oil and gas prices rise

The United States and the West would then denounce Russia as a cruel country.

Unite with OPEC Plus, which includes Russia, raise energy prices

Russia's actions have troubled the people of the world.

Russia hurts consumers around the world.

If it was in the old days when the world did not have the Internet

When the whole world relies on copying news from CBS, NBC, ABC, New YorkTimes, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Times, Newsweek, USA and World Report, AP and UPI, Russia might be suspicious of it. will be beaten on one side until losing his name

But the current social media situation in Russia is no longer fearful.

Russia can elaborate, elaborate, explain and explain to the people and the media (plagiarists) all over the world.

via social media

Chat with some Russian people.

In the past, they still care about the world trend that the United States and the West are spinning.

But now everyone agrees that don't care about those bastards.

take us as the main

What we think is right and beneficial to humanity, just do it. Don't pay attention to the criticisms that come from the brains of those two underlings.

Nitikarun Mingruchiralai