A policeman surnamed Lin was killed when he was riding a motorcycle.

(Provided by Baoer Bamboo Garden Team)

[Reporter Hong Youfang/Hsinchu Report] A police officer surnamed Lin from the Baoerzhuyuan Unit of Hsinchu Science Park rode a motorcycle to Jieshou Road at 9:00 am today (26th) to deal with a car accident. Although he turned on the warning lights and sounded the siren, When he was about to go straight through the intersection in the waiting area at the intersection, he was hit by a straight taxi on the spot with a person and the car, and Lin Yuan was thrown 3 meters away.

According to the police investigation, the 24-year-old police officer Lin Junji works in the Zhuyuan Branch of the 1st Squadron of the 3rd Battalion of the Baoer Corps. He was notified at 8:50 this morning that there was a car accident in front of the Zhuke Experimental Middle School on Jieshou Road. After he was notified, he immediately rode a police locomotive to deal with it.

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At 9:06, the policeman surnamed Lin went to Jieshou Road to the intersection of Guangfu Road, passing through the intersection of Jinshan Street and wanted to turn left to Jieshou Road Experimental Middle School, and waited for the turn in the locomotive waiting area. Due to time constraints, he As soon as traffic lightens, turn on your lights and siren, and prepare to ride forward through the intersection.

Unexpectedly, a taxi driven by a man surnamed Hao in Zhuxian County, suspected to be blocked by a large truck on the side and with a blind angle of view, went straight and hit the policeman surnamed Lin on the spot. Due to the force of the impact, the policeman surnamed Lin was bounced on the spot 3 meters away, the locomotive was smashed and flew 10 meters away.

Policeman Lin was sent to Mackay Hospital in Hsinchu for emergency treatment. Initial examination showed that his left calf was comminuted. After being sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, his vital signs were stable. He will be transferred to Chang Gung Hospital in his hometown for treatment so that his family members can take care of him nearby.