There are only 3 days left that the millionaire can get.

"Lucky numbers for this draw"

have you gone to buy

"lottery tickets"


Prepare to win who will be the next new millionaire.

On December 27, 2022, the reporter reported that there are three days left for the government lottery prize draw.

or lottery

Daily installment 30 December 2022

However, for the atmosphere of selling lotteries this time, it was found that

"lucky numbers"


"famous numbers"

were completely bought, especially

"lucky numbers"

whether in the Bangkok area.

Or other provinces, but for other

"beautiful numbers"

you can still find them in the trade stalls.

Which still has a lot of lotteries left to choose from as well

while some gamblers do not forget to seek lucky numbers from social media

or even lucky numbers according to beliefs, including dreams, sacred things

But this kind of thing depends on the luck of each person.

by many people looking to buy

"Lottery tickets"

to prepare to win luck in the draw on 30/12/65

However, for the lottery draw on December 30, 2022, the Government Lottery Office

There will be an award from the Sanambinnam office. News and award results can be followed at Thairath Online.