A man surnamed Jian in Taoyuan City entangled his ex-girlfriend to get back together, but tied her up with a boy scout rope while she was asleep and sexually assaulted and ejaculated him. He was sentenced to three years and two months in prison by the Taoyuan District Court for the crime of forced sexual intercourse.

(Photo by reporter Yu Ruiren)

[Reporter Yu Ruiren/Taoyuan Report] After being broken up by his ex-girlfriend in Taoyuan City, a man surnamed Jian continued to pester and demand to get back together. In April last year, when Jian Nan went to his ex-girlfriend’s residence to pick up things and negotiate, he took advantage of his ex-girlfriend’s sleep and wrapped her up with a scout rope. Tied up, seeing the woman woke up and asked for oral sex, but was rejected, but was forced to undress and sexually assaulted. The woman cried to her new boyfriend afterwards, and reported to the police after the injury test.

After the trial, the Taoyuan District Court found that Jian had committed male assault, believing that Jian was sexually assaulted for his own selfish desires.


The verdict pointed out that Jian Nan broke up with his ex-girlfriend in March last year, but he continued to pursue entanglement in an attempt to get back together. In the early morning of April 3 last year, Jian Nan went to the woman's rented house to negotiate and take personal belongings. At the same time, she got a scout rope from the house and wrapped it around the woman's right hand, and then took off her underwear. At this time, the woman woke up, and Jane immediately asked the woman to perform oral sex on him.

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Although the woman sternly refused, Jian Nan suppressed the other party with his hands and feet. After forcibly taking off the woman's hakama and panties, he forced sexual intercourse and ejaculated inside the woman under the resistance of the woman with his hands and feet. After the woman was humiliated, she cried to her new boyfriend that night , After the injury examination, the police filed a notice.

After Jian Nan arrived at the case, he argued that his ex-girlfriend verbally agreed to have a relationship at the time, and she repented only halfway through, and that the scout rope was not bound when the two parties were fighting; but the woman testified to the judge that the two were lying on the same bed that night, There was a separation, she clearly refused to have a relationship with Jian Nan, but was raped.

According to the testimony of the victim's new boyfriend Li Nan, the court believed that the woman almost collapsed after the incident, choked up and cried, and Jian Nan expressed through his friends that he was willing to settle with 300,000 yuan after the incident, and there was no contradictory evidence in the woman's testimony before and after. Jian Nan's crime was clear, and Jian Nan was sentenced to three years and two months in prison for the crime of forced sexual intercourse.