Military expert Petro Chernyk believes that the new "cotton" at the military airfield in Engels, Saratov region, indicates that Russian air defense is ineffective.

Also, the destruction of Russian strategic aviation is important for Ukraine. 

"Apostrophe" writes about it. 

Chernyk emphasized that the Russian air defense system could not cope with the drone, which flew hundreds of kilometers.

This shows that Russian weapons are ineffective.

And that's why the countries that bought these weapons should think about it. 

The military expert added that Russia has more than 60 Tu-95 MS strategic bombers, approximately the same number of Tu-22 M3s and up to a dozen Tu-160 White Swans.

To achieve a turning point in the war, these bombers must be destroyed by the dozens.

However, even the destruction of several of these aircraft is important, since the Russian Federation will not be able to restore them. 

"The fact is that Russia is no longer able to produce all these aircraft, with the exception of single copies of the Tu-160, and the youngest Tu-95 MS is already 30 years old. The damaged sides are unlikely to be repaired, most likely they will be made "donors" for other machines. In the strategic outcome, this potential of the Russian missile defense systems will be exhausted," the expert said. 

Petro Chernyk added that strategic bombers of the Russian Federation can only be based in Engels or Diaghilev.

And earlier, these airfields were considered deep rear. 

"Cotton" in Engels on December 26 

In Russia, on the night of December 26, a powerful explosion rang out at the military airfield in Engels.

This is the second "cotton" in a month at the air base of Russian strategic bombers, which launch cruise missiles over Ukraine.

The Ministry of Defense of Russia confirmed the drone attack on the airfield and informed about the dead soldiers.

Russian propagandists inform about three dead and four wounded.

The area of ​​the fire after the explosion reached 120 square meters.

The control point of the air base could be destroyed there.

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