Xu Shuhua took office as Nantou County Magistrate.

(Photo by reporter Liu Binquan)

[Reporter Huang Jingyu/Taipei Report] Xu Shuhua, a member of the Legislative Council of Nantou County's 2nd Constituency District, was sworn in as Nantou County Magistrate today (25th). The voting date for the vacant by-election of the 2nd constituency of Nantou County for the 1st term legislator is scheduled to be held on March 4 next year.

The Central Election Committee stated that Xu Shuhua, a legislator elected from the second electoral district of Nantou County, was elected as the magistrate of Nantou County and was sworn in on December 25 this year. The by-election for the vacant legislators in this electoral district should be completed before March 24, 2012 according to the law. To vote, the Central Election Committee invited the Ministry of Examination and Election, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Department of Civil Affairs of the Ministry of the Interior, the Department of Household Affairs of the Ministry of the Interior, and the Police Department of the Ministry of the Interior to hold a coordination meeting with the Nantou County Election Commission on the 21st of this month. After discussion and approval at the committee meeting of the Nikkei Council, considering various factors such as the statutory by-election completion voting period, the by-election polling day is set as March 4, 2012, and the voting start and end time is from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

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The Central Election Committee pointed out that the voting for the by-election of the legislators in the second constituency of Nantou County will be announced on December 27 this year, the registration application for candidates will be accepted from January 9 to 13 next year, and the number of candidates will be determined by drawing lots on February 7 next year , The list of candidates will be announced on February 21 next year, the public political opinion presentation will be held from February 22 to March 3 next year, the voting will be counted on March 4 next year, and the list of elected candidates will be announced on March 10 next year.