You Shuhui and Xu Qiaoxin were interviewed in Parliament.

(Photo by reporter Yang Xinhui)

[Reporter Yang Xinhui/Taipei Report] The Taipei City Council held the inauguration ceremony of its members today. KMT Taipei City Third Constituency Legislative Candidate Wang Hongwei also attended the inauguration ceremony. DPP Legislative Candidate Wu Yinong went to the Taipei City Council this morning to pay a visit to the DPP group ; KMT MPs You Shuhui and Xu Qiaoxin complained about why Wu Yinong came to visit the DPP group, and didn't he want to be the mayor of Taipei, or did he want to be the speaker or deputy speaker?

Wu Yinong called on the DPP group of the North City Council and brought a small Christmas gift to the DPP members; You Shuhui said in an interview that she did not know why Wu Yinong called on the DPP group, because he was not running for the mayor, so he did not rush to the constituency, or It should be considered to start from the grassroots service, or to be an intern member of the legislature will be more down-to-earth, and don't just want to enter the Legislative Yuan from the sky.

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Xu Qiaoxin is also sour. In addition to the inauguration of the members of the Taipei City Council today, the most important thing is to elect the speaker and deputy speaker. I wonder if Wu Yinong is here to choose the speaker or the deputy speaker?

Maybe we should start with the councilors, because he doesn't even seem to be very skilled at asking for votes in the vegetable market. She is a councilor in Songshan District and found that Wu Yinong is not familiar with local construction. , It even caused controversy within the DPP. If he can start from the grassroots, today should be a good learning opportunity, and we also wish him well.

In response to Wang Hongwei's participation in the inauguration ceremony of the parliamentarians, Xu Qiaoxin said that all the district chiefs in Songshan District hope that Wang Hongwei will serve as a legislator to take over Jiang Wan'an's service. Even some district chiefs who were not exclusive to the king have stepped forward to support her. People in Nansongshan, Beisongshan, and Xinyi districts all support Wang Hongwei's candidacy. I believe that after Wang Hongwei enters the Legislative Council, she will also take care of the voters in Xinyi and Nansongshan.

You Shuhui pointed out that the biggest difference between Wang Hongwei and Wu Yinong is that Wang Hongwei has a job, that is to say, she is recognized by voters, while Wu Yinong is unemployed, that is, she has not been tested and approved by voters before. Both are "ㄉ ㄞˋ” job, but one is rushing forward with a job, and the other is an unemployed waiter who is currently looking for a job. Wu Yinong should come to the Taipei City Council for an internship first, and then accept the test of the most grassroots voters.