Day 7 of searching for missing persons

Sukhothai shipwreck

latest navy

Using the sonar system to record underwater images, the condition of the ship was stationary, completely horizontal, towering.

even though there is a strong wind

But the ship was not sloped like when it was wrecked.

cause suspicion of damage

and the reason why the boat is still in normal condition

to be submerged to a depth of 40 meters.

442 is the number of the Royal Ship Sukhothai.

The ship is 76.8 meters long and 9.6 meters wide by HTMS Bang Rachan.

Take the underwater probe (Sea Fox) down to the wreckage of the storm on December 18, 2022 at a depth of 40 meters using the sonar system.

Taking pictures of the Royal Ship Sukhothai under the sea, it was found that the ship was still upright in a horizontal position.

like sailing on the water


Missing persons were noted.

That may be trapped in the wreck, according to the latest report today (25 Dec. '22) at 2:00 p.m., 2 additional bodies were found, making the search for personnel now.

76 survivors were found, 17 were dead, and 12 are still missing.

sonar system images

Demonstrates the performance of the Royal Thai Navy Sukhothai

even wrecked under the sea

But some security systems still work normally.

according to the opinion of

"Assoc. Prof. Dr. Weerasak Charatchaisri" forensic medicine specialist

Srinakharinwirot University

Analyzes that before the shipwreck, there was information about seawater flooding into the ship's engine room.

Tilt the ship 60 degrees, then announce the abandonment of the ship.

and let the troops go up to the roof

The direction while the shipwreck starts from the stern of the heavy ship.

Chasing to the middle of the ship and the bow.

Sukhothai shipwreck period

according to mechanics

When the sea floods into the ship, it flows together in the low area around the stern.

that weighs more than other parts

causing the ship to sink vertically

When descending to a depth of 40 meters, water cannot enter the ship's water storage system at all.

But some parts are blocked.

When the ship sinks, the chamber of air helps to lift the ship.

Until it looks like sailing on the surface of normal water

“A warship has a subdivided space in the bottom of the ship called


(compartment) to be able to block sea water flooding into the ship.

to support the ship in a normal manner

Based on the assumption that the Sukhothai Royal Ship


that still works normally in the bow area

therefore causing the ship to remain in normal condition

Even if it's sunk in the waves of the sea."

another assumption

It is expected that the characteristics of the sinking of the HTMS Sukhothai

It's like putting a tree vertically into the water.

Then the center and bow gradually.

sunk horizontally

Keep the boat from tilting or tipping over.

in a manner that has lost balance

Another important factor is

When wrecked at a depth of 40 meters, there are few waves that disturb the hull to overturn.

Sukhothai royal ship salvage

find important evidence in the case

In addition to searching for the remaining missing persons

"Assoc. Prof. Dr. Weerasak" said to "The News Team

Thai Rath Online" on the way to recover the Sukhothai Royal Navy

came up to investigate the cause of the sinking

by employing experts from abroad

with the knowledge to prevent damage to the evidence on board

because the ship is still nationalized

to check which system is damaged

And is a major cause of the shipwreck, so the Navy must bring the ship up for inspection.

inform the public

to prevent this from happening again

“Recovering the ship is the key.

must be done with caution

not to lose evidence in the case

Because collecting some evidence requires specific experts.

Bringing the ship up will make it easy to inspect.

In addition, some evidence collection tools cannot be taken down to collect under the sea.”

for the collection of important witnesses

Must check to find out the leak or the cause of sea water entering the boat clearly.

The same applies to checking the operation of a boat engine.

whether there is damage so severe that the boat engine cannot work or not

Now some people have doubts.

There may be some troops trapped in the wreckage.

which is scientifically possible

because while the ship was sinking, either slow or fast

The boat will have a lot of weight.


It sucks people who are floating within a nearby radius into the shipwreck.