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One was convicted and three were acquitted for robbery of BGN 175,000 from a bank office in Sofia.

The verdict is of the Sofia City Court and is subject to appeal or protest.

K. M. was found guilty and received a 3-year suspended sentence with a 5-year probationary period.

The accused as his accomplices and helpers, G.G., M.C. and H.G., were acquitted.

The major robbery took place on October 5, 2019, at around 3:35 p.m. from a bank branch in a store of a large retail chain in Sofia.

The cashier went out on her lunch break and locked only the office, but not the safe with the money.

She discovered it missing after returning back to the office.

Later, one of the robbers was caught, then the other three suspects.

About 10 km from the place of the robbery, in the direction of the village of Mramor, an Opel Astra was discovered and burned, and there were doubts that the thieves were traveling with it.

KM and GG were charged as accomplices.

H.G. was accused of procuring and providing the two with a forged key providing access to the bank branch, and the charge against M.C. is that he made sure that someone did not prevent the commission of the act and should have warned M. and G. .in case of danger.

However, in the course of the case, only K. M. was proven guilty of stealing the money in complicity with a person not identified in the case.

It was also not revealed who prepared and provided the forged key.

All four were acquitted of setting fire to the car that was found on fire.

The man who tried to rob a bank in Sliven revealed what motivated him

K. M. will have to pay for the benefit of the state and at the expense of the SDVR the expenses incurred during the pre-trial proceedings in the amount of BGN 6333, as well as for the benefit of the budget of the judiciary and at the expense of the SGS the expenses incurred during the court proceedings in amount of BGN 2058


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