We strongly reject the baseless statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia (MFA) dated December 24, 2022, which distorts the views expressed by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan during his meeting with the West Azerbaijan Community.

This was reported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan to APA.

It is nothing but hypocrisy for the Armenian MFA to claim that Azerbaijan is not interested in peace and stability in the region and violates international law.

We would like to remind the Armenian side that despite the fact that the territories of Azerbaijan were occupied by Armenia for 30 years, hundreds of thousands of people were expelled from our territories, and mass massacres were committed, the Azerbaijani side remained committed to the negotiation process towards the negotiation and peaceful resolution of the conflict with Armenia for 25 years.

Despite the complete victory in the 44-day Patriotic War and the liberation of territories from occupation, it was the Azerbaijani side that put forward the proposal to sign a peace treaty with Armenia.

The idea that Azerbaijan violates the Prague and Sochi agreements and obstructs the peace process is equally unfounded.

It should be noted that despite the agreement to discuss and resolve all problematic issues in the Prague and Sochi Agreements on the basis of mutual recognition of sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability of borders, the Armenian side did not give up its territorial claims against Azerbaijan, but, as can be seen from the situation around the Lachin road, against the sovereignty of Azerbaijan. continues its interventions.

At the same time, the fact that the Armenian side put forward conditions that hindered the meeting between the leaders in Brussels in December, including the refusal of foreign ministers to go to the Moscow meeting on December 23, clearly demonstrates which side is hindering the peace process.

It is surprising that the Azerbaijani side has more favorable positions in the direction of the undemarcated border with Armenia, as if Azerbaijan is occupying any territory of Armenia.

So, taking into account the fact that Armenia has occupied the territories of Azerbaijan for 30 years, that it still occupies 8 internationally recognized villages of Azerbaijan, and that it has placed its military positions in many directions within the sovereign territories of Azerbaijan, any position in the mentioned territory should first belong to Armenia. shows once again that there is no basis for the claim.

As stated in all historical works, maps and accepted documents, evaluating the ideas that a number of territories in present-day Armenia are historical lands of Azerbaijan as territorial claims against Armenia, as well as accusing Azerbaijan of ethnic cleansing, is hypocritical and proves that Armenia is ignorant of historical facts.

It is a historical fact that Azerbaijanis were suppressed in their historical lands with the massive relocation of Armenians to the South Caucasus during the last two hundred years.

As a result of this step-by-step plan, Azerbaijanis were expelled from the territory now called Armenia - from their native historical lands where they lived for thousands of years and were subjected to mass murders and massacres, thousands of historical and cultural monuments and settlements belonging to our people were destroyed, and the names of more than 2000 toponyms were changed.

Only during the years 1948-1953, about 150 thousand Azerbaijanis were forcibly and massively deported from their historical lands in the territory of present-day Armenia.

In addition, in 1988-1991, another deportation of Azerbaijanis from their historical-ethnic lands took place, as a result of which more than 200 thousand Azerbaijanis became refugees from Armenia.

As for the calls for the restoration of the Lachin road, it seems that the Armenian side considers the protests against the illegal economic activity on the Lachin road to its activities in this direction, the protests to the supply of the Armenian armed forces, which have not yet withdrawn from the territory of Azerbaijan, contrary to the 4th paragraph of the Tripartite Declaration, 6 He is worried that he is obstructing his military provocations, such as the transportation of landmines from the Lachin road, contrary to paragraph -.

It should be noted that there is no basis for the claims that the protests on the road to Lachin pose a threat of a humanitarian crisis and that the Armenians are under blockade.

The mode of movement of citizens, vehicles and goods along the road remains unchanged.

The footage shows the unimpeded passage of various types of vehicles, including ambulances and humanitarian aid convoys.

In addition, there are no obstacles to the supply of goods for the use of local residents or the provision of necessary medical services.

The government of Azerbaijan has also stated that it is ready to promptly resolve all humanitarian needs that Armenian residents may face.

We declare once again that Armenia's continued destructive activities contrary to its obligations in exchange for Azerbaijan's intention to establish peace and security in the region and peace-building initiatives, statements and actions against Azerbaijan's sovereignty and territorial integrity do not serve to restore peace in the region.

Azerbaijan will continue the relevant peace-building measures based on the basis given to it by international law.