On the night of December 25,

"cotton" happened in Russian

Kursk .

Explosions were heard near the local airfield "Khalino". 

Local Telegram channels write about it. 

Residents of Kursk also reported on the Internet about explosions in several districts of the city.

It is noted that the first sounds were heard around 03:00.

So far, the city authorities have not commented on "cotton".

There were also no reports of any fires or damage.

By the way, almost three weeks ago, Russia announced an

attack by an unknown drone on the Halino airfield


An oil storage tank caught fire near him.

We will remind you that on December 24,

a fire broke out at the Factor supply base in Murmansk


The area affected by the fire is 500 square meters.

m. By the way, the main activity of the "Faktor" enterprise is the supply of overalls and personal protective equipment.

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