Lu Xiuyan, the first re-elected mayor of Zhongshi City, took office, and vowed to "emphasize municipal administration and neglect politics" in the next four years.

(Photo by reporter Su Mengjuan)

[Reporter Su Mengjuan/Taichung Report] Lu Xiuyan, the first re-elected mayor of Taichung City since it was upgraded to a municipality directly under the Central Government, was sworn in today. Lu Xiuyan said that on the 26th of last month, the votes of the citizens were affirmed, allowing her to be re-elected with high votes. "Such a high proportion of support is a bit beyond me She announced the 10 major policies, and vowed that in the next four years, she will maintain "emphasis on municipal administration and despise politics", and will "beyond party affiliation, regardless of color and ethnicity", and "focus on people's livelihood", and strive to promote social harmony and stability , home and everything prosper, making Taichung even better, "Happy City Second Succession".

The 4th Mayor of Taichung City took the oath of office and the head of the first-level agency Buda ceremony was held today in the square in front of the Municipal Building on Taiwan Avenue. Executive Yuan Councilor Zhang Jingsen served as the oath supervisor, and Lu Xiuyan and the head of the first-level agency took the oath. Lu Xiuyan said, Today, 4 years ago, she took the oath of office for the first time as the mayor of Taichung. At that time, she put forward the idea of ​​governance, which was to treat Taichung City as a big family, and to protect and build it with all her strength. She thanked the "citizen family" for seeing the efforts and governance of the municipal team in the past 4 years. The report card shows that she was re-elected with a high number of votes on the 26th of last month. She received such a high proportion of support, which was a bit beyond her expectations. It is a supreme honor for the citizens to entrust her with the next four years. expectations of citizens.

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Lu Xiuyan vowed that in the next four years, the city government team will make Taichung a better city and move towards the second consecutive hegemony of a happy city. She also announced 10 major policy policies. The first priority is to be kind, rich and polite. In the next four years , She will maintain the governance style of "emphasizing municipal administration, despising politics", "transcending party affiliation, regardless of color and ethnicity", and "focusing on people's livelihood", so that the family and everything will prosper.

In addition, she will lead the municipal team to be clean, transparent, and politically transparent, and will continue to maintain integrity and live up to the trust of citizens' families. She emphasized that the municipal team must fight for the economy, fight for the economy, and fight for the economy again, so as to continue to promote urban prosperity and realize a "rich city" Taichung, new good life".

Lu Xiuyan also asked those present to look up at the sky, emphasizing that the city government team will continue to work hard to reduce the number of days with bad air pollution, "try to make the sky blue every day", and will insist on improving air quality, strengthening environmental protection and sanitation, and will never let go.

Lu Xiuyan also said that during the second term of office, the construction of Taichung will be accelerated. "If you can't start, you have to start; if you can't finish it, you have to finish it." Transportation construction, park road construction, public venue construction, etc., will do more in the future, Better, in response to the needs of urban development.

Lu Xiuyan also led the new city government team to once again thank the citizens for their trust and entrustment, and also assured that the second Lu Xiuyan municipal team will definitely do better than the first one; she also emphasized again that Taichung City is her home; citizens It is a family member of the city government team, who will guard Taichung with his life and take care of the family members of the citizens.

Lu Xiuyan's inauguration ceremony was held in the form of a carnival. Before the ceremony, De Fulan Elementary School in Heping District, Taichung City brought bel canto chorus and string orchestra performances. The employee choir performed a relay performance, and the city government invited 20 business owners to set up stalls on the spot, and distributed a limited number of 2,000 pieces of popcorn and 200 pieces of taro ball and red bean soup for free. After the inauguration ceremony, visit the market and eat delicious food after watching the ceremony.

Lu Xiuyan took office, together with Deputy Mayor Huang Guorong (right) and Wang Yumin, greeted the citizens.

(Photo by reporter Su Mengjuan)

Lu Xiuyan led the new city government team to emphasize that the second term will do better than the first term.

(Photo by reporter Su Mengjuan)